LIP-0: Burn the keys to the Loot contract

Burn the ships! This is very much in the spirit of Loot.

Shapeshift decentralized itself into Fox. Coinbase is being threatened with lawsuits. Organizations get hit with business license requirements, KYC, AML, and then they whither. Fan mods of popular games get hit with cease and desists. No brainer here. Keep it simple. Burn

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I am fully in support of the burn!

Incredibly supportive of this prposal. Thank you Dom!!!

I think this is a fantastic proposal, and while I’m a huge DAO proponent, so would like to see the opportunity for Loot to have a DAO, I think in this case you’ve made a strong argument, and in light of the current situation, feels like burning the keys is the best outcome.


The primary benefit of keeping the keys, and the only one that matters in my view, is also the primary source of potential harm. The fact that the contract owner can signal support could be a tremendous benefit but is clearly a double edged sword in that it creates ‘official’ vs unofficial activities.

The royalties and treasury for funding are at best ancillary, many ecosystem projects that require capital could find it, but certainly those that fit the description of public goods will run into the usual problems with public good funding.

If it was the case that you (Dom) were interested in occupying the role of contract owner and de-facto leader, then I would have voted in favor of keeping the keys. It is clear that you’re a good actor, you’re an innovator, you’ve put something incredibly unique into the world that’s got all of us here incredibly excited, and I think the lot of us would have accepted it gladly. I do believe that in the right hands the benefit of keeping the keys would outweigh the harm, even if it is against the odds.

However, given your preference I’m in favor of burning the keys. I believe that we can galvanize other DAOs and initiatives needed to push Loot forward and built out the Lootiverse. Even if there are competing DAOs, we can each decide on the initiatives and direction that we find appealing, and work on those. It will be up to each DAO and initiative to ensure that it doesn’t run out of steam.


The path to decentralize the project, which I believe most if not all of us are for, goes through burning the keys.


I’m in to support of burning the keys. 1000%
Loot Bag’s #75 and #4860

I think the loot project philosophy has it right: pretty much anything that anyone creates “exists”, what matters is to what extent other people build upon it. VB


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A huge YES from me. Just came here to say this.

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I also support this Proposal to make Loot contract as a real decentralized DAO-based contract.

My only concern is that this creates a power vacuum that will ultimately be filled by someone - why not keep the optionality in case a bad actor needs be checked in the future?

we need DAO but we also need the key to be burned

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+1 to burning the keys.

This feels like the path with highest “interestingness” - and that’s a good heuristic for decisions at this point. It’s a bet on unexplored territory and the unknown unknowns it contains.

My contribution to the loot cinematic universe, and this debate: LOOT GENESIS - YouTube

When you say it’s possible to transfer keys, you mean you’d do that or just as in one of the many traits having the keys can perform? If you’d transfer it I’d consider Andre Cronje as new keeper. But I wish you wouldn’t burn and keep them for at least a year and burn it later on… Also I noticed there are still some 200+ slots to mint… is it possible anyone can mint some still? or only you? as in are those slots/spots blocked? Or could I try to get one?.. Please let me know. For the rest, whatever results, pure awesomeness. High level AD&D stuff… I’m in.


Many of the comments here seems to be in favour of burning the keys AND minting the remaining Loot for some form of use.

I’d like to propose that keys are burnt without minting the Loot (except the 21 to @dom ).

What is Loot? Loot is what it is.

There is enough interest and economic alignment to fund initiatives in the Loot-verse (from VCs to AGLD and private initiatives). A large part of the lore is that Loot is a basic primitive without control, leadership, roadmap or governance. Let Loot be what it is.

A somewhat related comment is that I think AGLD should be used for aggressive funding and growth in the Loot-verse. Adventure Gold Tokenomics Proposal v1 - #40 by danielzak

Let each primitive and derivate be used for what it is best for. :v:

Can someone help me understand what burning the key is? Like what is the key? I have a good base/broad understanding of how smart contracts work, but don’t fully understand how/who generates this key and how it can really be burned, please let me know, thank you!