Lootverse VC Investment Research Investigation Inquiry

Hi This is Jerry from First.VIP, a pioneering venture capital doing thesis-driven rsearch, analyst and investment blockchain & Web3. I am scanning the rising projects working on Loot, and we are planning to invest promising ones on Lootverse. If you make any derivative projects based on Loot and look for potential funding opportunities, hugely appreciated if you could leave a message or contact me (jel@first.vip). We would like to reach out to you and we can discuss further!

We also have a DAO project similar to Loot, which enables all creators of digital content and applications collaborate together in a fully decentralized and unlimited way for more productive and efficient content generation than the existing mode of DAO. Feel free to review the introduction slides of this project and welcome to join & collaborate with it!

Thanks a lot and hope can hear from you soon!

Sorry may I know how to delete this post? The research is done and no inquires are needed. Could any administers help delete it? Thanks a lot!

This post and project are finished and have no any relationships with First.VIP. Thanks a lot!