On Chain World Boss (for Adventurers)

The more I think about it the more I think this project should be branded “And my axe!” on release

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Hello guys,

On top of dropping an NFT when slayed, what do you think about adding a financial incentive ? Like finding a way to generate yield via a DAO (from AGLD or another token ?) and some of this yield could be given to people that killed the dragon. It could make it more real by adding a time delay between “raids”, like if the dragon couldn’t be slayned every seconds by anybody because people would have to wait for the prize value to go up (need to create a balanced mechanism but what do you think ?).

PS: I said AGLD but, is AGLD an official token ? Or has it been made by an anon in the community ? I couldn’t figure it out yet

my god i love this idea.

We could use weapons from lootwars! :slight_smile:

Such a cool idea! I wonder what other novel mechanics besides ‘Do total damage’ could be incorporated in future Boss battles? For example one encounter could require certain Loot types or combinations :thinking:

Hope the game will come out soon. :grinning:
Btw, here a project to create monster

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Sounds interesting!

I wonder if you can use the Monster traits and weaknesses from Monster Slaying Design in Monsters (for Adventurers) to generate the on-chain world bosses instead of starting from scratch.

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Cannot wait to try this adventure…

It will be fun.Maybe I will try to buy.

Great idea. After defeating the monster every participant could claim XP, see "XP (for Adventurers)" is live - #2 by wighawag

The XP (for Adventurers) is basically another building block as it can be reused across adventure/games.
Game can be a source of XP but there could also be XP sink.

Hi guys, did you saw Battle! for Loot (Discover ⚔️ Battle! for Loot) ? Is that possible to implement ideas from this thread on it ? XP, Monsters…

Love this. Really like the cooperative battle element. Some parts seem to have been taken on board by @dom 's hello dungeon proof of concept.

Love it. I’m not super familiar with programming contracts yet but let’s see if my game design hat still fits and try to answer some of your questions:

  • Damage should be random within a range based on the weapon / adventurer stats. Some attacks should miss, others should be critical hits that do 2x damage.
  • Each boss type should have resistances and immunities to different types of damage. These might be temporary or permanent throughout the battle.
  • The boss should be active. It should have a suite of special abilities that it chooses from each turn, ranging from a basic attack, to a buff or heal, to a special attack.
  • Only way to know is by testing and tweaking, particularly given that there’s a social component at play. The benefit is that you can make each new boss different, allowing you to learn as you go.
  • Err on the side of making the boss too easy, to start. Think of this one as the Level 1 boss. More challenging ones can come later.
  • Personally, I wouldn’t go down the path of permadeath. But a “dead” player could simply be “knocked out” and unable to participate in the battle until the boss is defeated. But consider whether loot can be damaged / broken / mended, experience and abilities can be gained / lost, or wagers can be won / lost.
  • Make it turn-based so people can’t spam. Each person is allowed to make X attacks per turn (which could last an entire day). Some weapons, like daggers, allow for more attacks but each attack does less damage. Others, like hammers, do a lower number of high-damage attacks.
  • Also, consider pooling the gas. For example, rather than paying gas for every attack, pay gas for the entire turn and process it all at once. Perhaps gas is by donation - if the donation amount isn’t enough to pay the gas, the heroes lose their turn, the boss attacks, and the donation carries over, continuing to build for the heroes’ next turn.
  • There were some good suggestions re: characters, classes, stats, experience.
  • Roleplay- and storytelling-based derivatives can be used as the basis for guilds. You can allow those guilds to emerge organically or you can actually turn the table by having the boss challenge a guild of its own making/choosing. For example, what if the boss issues a challenge (i.e. writes it as a requirement in the contract) to the holders of Divine Robes? Or Cryptopunks? Or people from the Hallowed Isles or descended from my legendary Clerguffen lineage? I think that gets really interesting and puts some interesting power into your hands as the creator of this system.
  • I’m still learning how the financial side of the various NFT systems interact. Perhaps the staking can be simpler. I liked the suggestion made by another person above where you can invest up front to increase the value of the potential reward. And if people just want to pay the gas, they still get to have fun.
  • And, if we think of this as a multi-day battle, the idea of investing that stake for the duration of the battle to generate a return becomes an interesting one.
  • Keeping the combat off-chain or in a cheaper side chain will help keep the gas costs down.
  • Pooling the gas cost as I describe above will also help (while also introducing a fun mechanic).
  • I think the fun can be worth it and your idea seems to be resonating with others here. But you’ll never know until you build it and unleash it on the world.
  • I imagine there eventually being a diversity of bosses, each with a different capabilities and contract (once implemented, people can engage with the same boss as many times as they like). So this one might be a dragon. Another might be a Lich Lord. Another might be a Minotaur. The sky’s the limit.
  • If it helps, I’d be happy to assist with a random boss name generator based on my Legendary Lineages work. Using a very similar system, you could have a Greedy White Dragon of the Forgotten Isles, a Wrathful Lich Lord of the Fallen Shroud, etc., etc. Those storytelling attributes could, in turn, be used to generate actual combat attributes of the bosses themselves.

Also, consider the classic Nintendo boss battle where the combat has 3 stages that each need to be defeated sequentially. In each stage, the boss behaves differently or presents a different type of combat puzzle to the adventurers (and, typically, each phase gets a little tougher).

Emotionally, that sets up a classic 3-act dramatic arc (which is why it works so well and they use this mechanism again and again across so many of their games):
1 - the monster is in his element, used to being dominant over all who come before it.
2 - you’ve unexpectedly overcome the monster’s usual tactics and pissed the monster off so now it’s angry and ready to show you who’s boss.
3 - the monster realizes the adventurers are a serious threat and now it’s desperately pulling out all the stops and fighting for its survival.

Hey @mannynotfound, are you still working on this?

Hello orange and everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates on this - when Loot dropped I was already working on my own nft project which has now unexpectedly consumed my life and much of my free time. I did recently drop an integration with Loot as part of that project and am continuing to explore how to integrate Loot/mLoot even more.

I’ve read a lot of good ideas in this thread and even seen some deployed projects that use similar concepts (dungeons with bosses, WAGMIGOTCHI, etc). Seems like there’s enough to go on for some kind of v1 of this idea, I would love to contribute and advise but at the moment I don’t have the time to lead it.


Hey this seems really interesting. I’m a reporter at The Defiant and super interested in continuing to follow the LOOT story and see where it goes. If this starts to come together I’d love to report on it. If anyone felt like giving me a heads up if this starts to take shape, that would be great.


Took me a minute to make the connection that it was @mannynotfound who was working on this! (Mannys are so cool.)

I think I’d like to run with this idea if it’s up for grabs now. @mannynotfound, sending you a message on Twitter to check with you on something. After that will circle back here.


can’t wait to see this put into motion. Anything we can do to help?

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Hey! Looks like Quests for loot built something similar. I found out about them over this past weekend, check them out.



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