Proposals: How To

Please note that anyone is free to create a proposal for improving Loot. If you have an idea that you think would make a great proposal, please follow the steps here:

  1. Use the proposal template.
  2. Write a concise title with no LIP number. The number will be added by our moderation team once your proposal has received sufficient discussion and engagement (defined in LIP Framework & Guidelines).
  3. Add an approachable, non-technical summary.
  4. Provide the motivation for your proposal. Outline the problem statement and explain how your proposal is going to address the issues you’ve identified.
  5. Formulate clear *for and *against positions in your proposal.
  6. Include a poll to measure community sentiment.
  7. Once posted, remain engaged with the community and make adjustments as necessary.

Remember the order of operations:

propose > discuss > implement feedback > vote > conclude > execute

Proposal Template

A simple description of the proposal’s end result and desired change; this should be non-technical and accessible to a casual community member. Summary should be no more than a few succinct sentences.

A short (~200 word) description of the proposed change, the abstract should clearly describe what will be done if the LIP is implemented.

This is the problem statement. Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the protocol. The author is encouraged to add visual elements such as charts to support their arguments.

Lay out your proposal - explain how the LIP is going to tackle the issue at hand. The overview should clearly describe how the new feature(s) will be implemented (including technical implementation details, if relevant).

For: I support this proposal.
Against: I am against this proposal.

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Hi. I’d like to create a proposal, but don’t seem to have the option to create a Poll. Is it limited to certain roles?

Hi - you should see an option when creating/editing the post. Navigate to the “cog” icon in the menu bar and select ‘Build Poll’ option.

Yeah I don’t see the option. I think because I am a new user who only just signed up (long time lurker!). My account has other limits too (e.g. only 2 links per post)