A development model that can increase the value of mLOOT by 100,000 times

In order to increase the value of mLOOT, I thought of a “minting mining” model, that is, every time a mLOOT is minted, a certain number of tokens can be obtained. The more mLOOT mints, the more difficult it is to mine and the less tokens you get. Early tokens can be sent to the mint of mLOOT in the form of airdrops, and later tokens can be written into the contract for automatic execution. When the mLOOT reaches 500,000 pieces, the newly minted mLOOT still has a certain probability of obtaining gems. In this way, it is possible to bind the mLOOT as the NFT and the token together and grow together.

An important function of tokens is to subsidize the gas cost of the mint, so that the mint has enough funds to participate in the game.

An example of this model is as follows:

0-50,000 minted mLOOT, each can dig (or airdrop) 1500 tokens.

And so on,

50,001-100,000 mLOOT, 1450 tokens/mLOOT;

100,000-150,000th mLOOT, 1400 tokens/mLOOT;

150,001-200,000 mLOOT, 1350 tokens/mLOOT;

For the 500,000th-550,000th mLOOT, 1000 tokens/mLOOT, 60% chance of getting gems

1,250,000-131,000,000th mLOOT, 200 tokens/mLOOT; 45% probability to get gems

Gems can be used to upgrade, dismantle or recast equipment. The upgraded or recast mLOOT can activate unique skills, such as “skills that increase the speed of gold”, “skills that increase the probability of falling gems”, and “increase group defenses” “Aura”, “Aura to increase group attack power”, “Aura to increase group movement speed”… very rare skills, as well as “Increase single attack power”, “Increase single defense power”, “Increase single movement Speed”…a more common skill. These skills can be used to explore and fight in the future meta-universe world.

Similarly, tokens can also be used to upgrade mLOOT, increase skills, mint, change skin/NFT… The earlier the minted mLOOT, the more valuable it will be after a long time of upgrading and minting.

In this way, both mLOOT and tokens can be circulated, and the value of both will become higher and higher.


The above figures have not been carefully considered, but only provide an idea to the community, which can be used as a basis for experimentation, and then the model can be modified and improved;

It is also possible to adopt a model of halving the output every 4 years like Bitcoin. For example, after every 250,000 mLOOT minted, the token output is halved…

No matter which model is used, the purpose is to increase the liquidity of mLOOT and tokens and increase the value of both.


I agree with this. perfect!

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Smart idea! Hope to hear more voice like this :partying_face: :partying_face:


Hmmm pretty interesting concept. I think its a good way to add additional value to mLoot holders.

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Thank you, I hope it can arouse some thoughts from the project side

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Thanks, I think it would be a pity if the value of mLOOT is buried


Yes, I hope mLOOT can also form a community to bring out the power of hundreds of thousands of mLOOT holders

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Since the MLOOT contract is locked up, the current mloot must be abolished and a new mloot developed if the new model is to be adopted

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It can’t just be used with the contract currently?

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I agree with this. perfect!

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Are LOOT and mLOOT the same contract?

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Can you tell me what happens to those mloot of which holders are unaware of any update/changes… does that mean the ogmloot become obsolete.
Is this the mloot community as everywhere i go seems to be just for og loot.
I would just like to know that I am in the right place

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Sorry, I am not in the Mloot community, I just provide some suggestions

Can you tell me when the contract was locked up and what that actually means…

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Yes they were… I hope they still are too… Anyone got the notes please!

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Are you an OG loot…

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