A letter to holders of $LOOT and $AGLD

I want to say to the holders of $LOOT and $AGLD, don’t focus on immediate benefits and power, look to the future to cooperate and win-win, otherwise the current situation will usher in the destruction of both parties.


$LOOT and $AGLD are NFT reformers. For any innovative project or enterprise, the most important thing in the early stage is consensus and cooperation to achieve a win-win situation. Have you not discovered the current situation? If you don’t understand it, the two sides will disappear and reset to zero.

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Indecision will be a devastating blow to any project. Both parties are in power and interests in the early stage. Why not achieve a win-win situation together and maximize the benefits in the later stage. Consensus is very important. Now the popularity has disappeared. If you don’t realize it, there is really nothing left. Destroyed

$AGLD is already a token, and it is listed on all exchanges. The popularity of the project is now sluggish, and the new token will lose trust. What is the point? The project that has lost trust, there is no exchange and retail investors to accept the order, there is no profit at all, it destroys $LOOT and $AGLD, and destroys both parties

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To describe in one sentence (in China): $AGLD-$LOOT are twins of the same blood, they are two brothers (there will be poetry and distant places in the future)

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hi~现在还可以领取AGLD空投吗? :cry: