A Multiverse World for Loot/Mloot Holders to explore and future phase ideas (3D)

Hi loot owners and builders,

So i was very inspired by loot (even though i don’t have an og loot bag myself sigh)

Which is why after much brainstorming and days/nights and a lot of clickity clacking, i have integrated the ability for loot/mloot holders to spawn as adventurers into a project that i was creating (Multiverse VM), it uses metamask address and does this dynamically.


This led me further down the rabbit hole, and as you can see in this 2nd Gif, it is a potentially very interesting version of a metaverse where you can explore with your loot adventurer.

The 2nd gif is something that will directly spawn from the original multiverse vm.

I thought to design it to be more inclusive to people so synthetic loot is supported as well.

The initial contract has been deployed and will share it when it launches, these little planets (i call them simulations) that you see in the gif have a special property which is that they have outgoing links to other planets (these are generated at random, utilizing a similar mechanism that loot contract uses), the initial thought process was that this serves as the initial network generated upon the birth of this metaverse so you can travel from planet to planet, perhaps planets connected to planets with scarce resources are more valuable.

There is so much talent and knowledgeable people in the loot community, and would be super interested in seeing if there are any ideas of what may be potentially added into this for phase 2?

Cheers (Oh and if you’re interested in the soonish launch i’ll be sharing that at https://twitter.com/0xRKY)


Ooh. You should connect it to the Realms project and generate each little world based on the Realm stats.

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Will research this idea, in phase 2 each world will have more detail and will use the initial world in phase 1 as a seed, so having realm’s stats included into the phase 2 worlds would be achievable, thanks for the input :grinning:

Hi! I’m a writer and artist. I created an outfitter ship building specialized equipment for the adventurer. The shop’s first product is a short run of luxury explorer yachts with a backstory. Is there a way I can be integrated into this project? What you are doing is incredible!

Sorry auto correct changed outfitter ‘shop’ to ship…

Hi, could you kindly DM me in the discord?

Cheers :smiley: