A thoughtful way to use Loot in actual DND gameplay

GRIPNR’s first on-chain campaign will be a 5e-based, roleplaying and storytelling world designed for on-chain play with NFT player characters. We are releasing 10,000 genesis NFT player characters, with all hand-drawn attributes designed for gameplay.

Sso bringing DND into the meta – www.gripnr.com

Each PC is fully developed to be used in actual dnd gameplay immediately once a dnd session is completed then currency and loot can be minted and distributed to the player characters.

Key challenge - LOOT (for adventurers) isn’t DND loot so not currently compatible… so interested in building a bridge so that LOOT holders can use their items in actual gameplay without being too OP

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I am interested in usage of DND 5e style attribs, but you raise a good point about the items. It would require a lot of translation and balancing, I think the better approach might be to tie in attribs rather than items for world-building of the two.