[AGIP-5] Consent a signer to represent Adventure Gold DAO

Consent a signer to represent Adventure Gold DAO


Since its inception, AGLD has authentically operated as a decentralized organization from a community of autonomous contributors absent a founding or advisory team. The project’s progress and development should be celebrated as a resounding example for the efficacy of DAOs.

Contrary to the DAO concept, there are centralized entities including exchanges, development shops and marketing agencies that AGLD DAO will have to work and collaborate with in the interest of AGLD’s development. However, these centralized entities require signature and execution on legally binding contracts.
Therefore, a natural person is necessary to represent AGLD DAO to execute those legally binding contracts.

This proposal is created to nominate a natural person for representing AGLD DAO in the communication and execution of contracts with centralized entities in the interest of AGLD.

[Action Item]
Kevin Dong is nominated to be the natural person to represent AGLD DAO as the communicator and signer.

Kevin Dong’s testimony:
I will represent AGLD DAO and the community with the utmost integrity and honesty. I will only use the power given to me by the community for the interest of AGLD DAO when engaging with centralized entities. I will assume all legal responsibilities for my signature and execution of contracts.

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