Hey all.

There are a million different loot derivatives and I get it can be frustrating.

I myself am very much looking forward to the projects that seek to combine others derivatives and mechanisms together before creating their version of it.

But with that being said. I was surprised to see nobody do “Alignments”

Alignments (from The Alignment System), are a core primitive in branched story creations, and also just a meme in crypto culture nowadays.

Like why was fable so cool. Where will you end up?

So I decided to deploy my first ever smartcontract for alignments.

I hope that this gets incorporated into some game/design schemes.

Note that there are some misprints with “” as a prefix because I messed up there. I also tweak it slightly to give it some fun and optionality.



Lucky RNG mints

#666 got “Pure Evil”

#420 got “Pure Good”

#777 got “Chaotic Good”

#69 got “Probably Neutral” lol


I think alignments are a core story primitive to open sourcing an adventure game because they create trajectories in a give branch, and they are already something a lot of people use as identification.

I hope people use this version mostly because of the Lucky RNG mints being fairly spot on, but also because isnt building on each others work the point.

There’s still plenty to be minted, but if there if anyone else has an idea about a way to distribute lmk.

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