An inconvenience in the current Loot Rarity system

As we all wait for a great project to emerge and n to finally be able to enjoy a game based on Loot, I wanted to address some things to discuss together as a community. In most games, there is a systemized categorization to help identify items and their rarity within a game: shoes, swords, rings, etc. However, I’ve noticed a bit of an inconvenience with the current Loot Rarity system when trying to incorporate it into a game. There are so many great projects and ideas sprouting from our diverse community and I have the utmost respect for everyone’s passion to make Loot a reality. The inconvenience that I have noticed is that of a simple organizational solution. The original rariy is based on the concept of comparing the overall numerical amount of “commons, uncommons, rares, epics, legendaries, and mythics. Thus…

As a game enthusiast, I’ve also put in considerable amount of thought into how this rarity could be utlizied and realized that it is difficult to determine the value of the rarest items. So then I started to take a look into what items were available and paying attention to the details of the other items. That’s when I started to notice that for some categories there are no commons and for other categories there are no epics. Then I came to a realization that not all of the types have been taken into consideration. Instead, it was just the number of items as a whole taken into account as a generalization of the amount of items existent to the sum of the whole. Although this is easier to see at first glance, wouldn’t it be a bit inconvenient when incorporated into a game? The question I would like to ask is that wouldn’t it be more adaptable if rarity of items were categorized by the item type and by how scarce a specific time is?


I would love to see some more granular data like this (rarity by item type), it just hasn’t been done yet but I’m sure it would be well received and helpful in assessing the quality of items/bags.


I have also had some thought about this but did not put much time into it as it did not seem like anyone else was mentioning it. I do agree that it would be very helpful if rarity were distributed by item type. Could you elaborate on what is inconvenient about incorporating the traditional concept into a game? I am sure everyone reading your post would like to hear more in detail.


The inconvenience that I mentioned is mostly about the fact that when you check items categorized by their types (just as you would when playing a game), there are some types that have no commons or no rares and some that have more mythics than epics. Although this is not an issue, I believe that it would be much more convenient for the Loot community to be able to identify and organize them just as you would in a game. As @scotato brought up, I would also like to see more granular data for this. Hence, the post for a discussion as a community.

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Here’s some granular data by item type that I worked on the past 2 days.