An mLoot holder's view on how to include us

Hey guys. First off, I’m super excited to be here. I think we are all building something undeniably cool here. I minted some mLoot last night, and I’m hyped to get to illustrating and giving flavor to my loot.

it is my humble opinion that:

  1. mLoot should be viewed as more legitimate than other derivative projects, because it was put out by the project’s creator. The only two things this community really has to unite it are that we all own random loot, and that that random loot was created by Dom Hofmann, not Hom Dofmann or Hugo ballsly or any other rando.

  2. No, we mLoot holders should not receive any airdrops. Maybe we can trade in individual items by rarity for a set amount of AGLD? Either way, we weren’t there for the OG drop, the token already exists, and including us beyond what I mentioned seems complicated. It’s convoluted to have more than one token for the economy in this case. We paid the gas, nothing’s stopping us from buying some AGLD.

  3. OG loot should be thought of as first edition, or promotional. A once in a lifetime drop that won’t be available ever again. mLoot on the other hand, should probably be what we use going forward. It’s not capped, has a much bigger supply, and those factors will help grow the ecosystem, especially if this gets tied to a game or some other competitive scene. So, in this hypothetical scenario, playing the game can reward you with mLoot. You can buy mLoot with AGLD. you can sell mLoot for AGLD. But OG loot retains that mythical air about it, and stays just as useful as mLoot, we just know it’s worth a shitload more.

So, yeah. If there were a way for holders of mLoot bags to trade in individual items seamlessly for AGLD, I think that solves your issue. Perhaps this AGLD can come from a pooled treasury, or some other such mechanism. No dilution, no freebies. Regardless, our NFTs share a creator and a theme and we should be one community. The ones who were here first deserve to maintain their first mover advantage, and the ones who came second deserve a chance.


Im trying to locate other mlooters groups, if you have any information…