Anyone want to play a game together?

We are in chaos, there is nothing but time and space; One day, God dropped 8,000 seeds on this world,the world starts.

The rules are simple:

  1. Start with one person, asking questions about what the universe should be like; I hope it is better to have two logically interrelated questions. Questions can be either descriptive or executive.For example:
  • You choose a descriptive question: Question 1: Should this universe have a boundary? Question 2: If yes, should we build a universe like the one we know actually? If not, should we build a multidimensional parallel universe with boundaries or an infinitely expanding universe? (Or just question simple: Should there be an ocean in our world? Should the 8,000 seeds be humans?..)
  • You choose an executive question: should we expand the seed of this world and introduce mloot? If so, can they also participate in the answer to this question? If not, will we introduce them again in the future?
  1. After the person who asked the question has completed his questioning, choose the next one to ask the question.

  2. All participants in the game answer the questions and at the same time propose an object they want to introduce into this world (this object should be listed in the loot derivatives list).

  3. The final statistical answer to the question is included in a file (I hope this file is open, compatible, and programmable on the eth chain, similar to loot)

  4. Count the wishes of the people who does the correct answer, and the object with the highest support rate is also listed in the above file.

In the initial stage, I hope that the person who asks the question can be anyone, not limited to loot holders (of course, we hope to be a rigorous thinking and influential person); each wallet holding a loot has the right to answer and list an object in the wish list;

The game is divided into four chapters: 1. Creation; 2. Survival; 3. Development; 4. Prosperity. In the creation chapter, we proceed in the form of question and answer; in the survival chapter, we can proceed in the form of game tasks; future Chapter, we can discuss it again.