Banners: Organizing the realm

Hello. I’ve developed Banners as an NFT project to serve as a way to map out the community in the eventual realm. The NFT’s are designed like Lootbags, as text only with descriptors for Colour, Elements 1,2,3, and design. There are 25000 pcs, with a wide array of neat occurances like Weapon only houses, Creature only houses, sister houses (same elements, same order different design), familial houses (same elements, different order). There are a total of 75 different design elements so many houses will share some elements, but not others which could lead to some fun alliances, betrayals, and other organizations for battle. I’d love to find a way to incorporate this into the Loot ecosystem. From what I can tell there are realms, characters, items and quests but not a system to loosely link them together to create tribes & tensions. Thanks for your feedback!