Battle! for Loot - Earn Loot Craft

Introducing :crossed_swords: Battle! for @lootproject :fire:

Battle! is a brand new game for the Loot Metaverse, inspired by other game projects. It’s the second layer of the @craft_loot.

It’s designed around the following idea: how to use your loot/mLoot/Role/Pets… in an intuitive, cool game?

Enter the arena now ! Connect your wallet, equip your best Loot/mLoot stuff, and fight against 8888 randomly generated monsters !

A generous treasure chest is promised to the winners… but you will have to claim it quickly !

Try it now for FREE !

Give us link :slight_smile: !!! Cant wait to see

i have edited :slight_smile: you can find it on the post

Battle system has evolved since the release tho, you can play with synthetic Loot (no need to have Loot or mLoot resources) :grin:

You should consume Agld and finally get NFT.

Good idea ! We are working on Role and Pets integration, will try to add AGLD and maybe some exp. mechanism !

I am interested in joining a team working on this project or some project in Loot, is it possible?

Hey, of course ! Join on Loot Craft discord and DM me (@jocodey) :grin:

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Thanks for the help ! :cowboy_hat_face: