Bestiary ( for Loot)

Hey Guys,
I was following the project for some time and really love the whole universe. I’m a developer at heart and long term gamer (started with Ultima Online, even ran my own server for a few years!). I love the whole project because a lot of it is just imagination, dreams. Thats what i love most about it…it gets your brain starting :slight_smile:

I know the Foes project exists and other similar but none of them kept the loot “spirit” alive in my eyes.
Thats why i decided to create a new project. The project is on polygon as it will evolve further adding more and more functionality and with eth gas fee’s this wouldn’t be a great experience.

Contract: Contract Address 0x2E9330891d8B6a7B73F83C88c0150E8600620055 | PolygonScan

Bestiary is a set of beasts and animals to be discovered in the world of loot.
At the beginning its just a region you venture into, once you discover whats in it you find the beast.

Discoverable Areas:

  • Grasslands
  • Woods
  • Sewers
  • Dungeons
  • Caves
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Mountain Tops
  • Graveyards

Each area comes with a set of beasts to find, some beasts can be found everywhere, some only in specific areas. (Like Dragons usually roam Ancient Ruins or Caves, Undeads love Graveyards!)

Each beast is either lootable, harvestable or tameable. This is part of a larger project available soon allowing you to loot, harvest or tame the monsters you own.

The first 300 are already minted, 1-3000 are reserved id’s for airdrops, later projects and other things. 3001-20000 are free for anyone to take! Be first, find those pesky beasts :slight_smile:


  • Discover is a callable function, only gas required
  • Minting has a fee of 5 MATIC ~$6 ATM
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