{Beware} Fake NPC Loot Deployed

Hi all and @dom

just noticed this fake NPC project on the resources site.

It might have spawned and confused people

NPC Loot lists are being determined by the NPC Guild before deploying either to xDAI exclusively or Mainnet when we’re ready and the list of NPCs is voted on at the https://snapshotDOTpage/#/npcguild.eth

in the spirit of decentralisation we can map this NPC list to ours however we’ll only be signalling the contract address and tokenIds spawned from the NPCGuild.sol contract coming soon.

If you’re the dev of this loot cycle and would like to join the NPCGuild DM and we’ll get you set up!

A PR to add to NPC Loot prelaunch can be made by NPC Guild members here : https://githubDOTcom/NPCGuild/NonPlayerCharacters/blob/main/HowToAddLoot.md