Build First, Inflate Later

I’m shocked as it seems like very few people understand the implication of mLOOT.

Imagine there are only a limited amount of Axies owned by a small group of people, the game would not grow as big as it currently is. Only a small group of people could play the game. mLOOT fills the gap that allows the Loot game (however it transforms) to reach a broader audience. This is bullish for the Loot ecosystem. OG Loot benefits from mLOOT as it has a distinctive feature being the genesis Loots. Maybe the game will provide OG Loots with extra benefits and perks, who knows.

Re AGLD, it is pre-mature to discuss further inflation to reward any participants. Ask yourself, what exactly is AGLD? DAO token? To govern what? There is nothing to govern right now, there is no game right now.

Instead of discussing who should get more tokens and so on, we should focus on building a Loot ecosystem that provides value to Loot, AGLD, and mLOOT holders.

So far, we have seen different groups of people building disaggregated features benefiting Loot owners. This is inefficient. The very first thing the AGLD/Loot DAO needs to do is to form a group of builders (just like what Yearn did) and take it from there. Any AGLD inflation proposal should be on hold as it does not benefit the growth of the Loot ecosystem at this moment.

Build First, Inflate Later.


amen sir

mLOOT adds a necessary part. It really depends on how the project evolves from here on

Imo there’s already tons of development activity and the real need is to start to coordinate it and get the alignment across projects so everyone is working together.

I agree mLoot is an important part of the ecosystem.


100% agree with this. with the fracturing of the community into loot, xloot, loot+, etc. - mloot was a stroke of genius in that it better harnesses the energy of the community in a coordinated way.

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The thing is …you have the original Looters that were heavily incentivized to grow the project along with the increasing price of Eth…that’s going to naturally create a wedge…which is similar to the real world of have and have nots. Seems to me group unity, structure and efficient innovative thinking are going to be a priority to keep this momentum going. Some sort of societal structure is going to need to form…are you tech savvy…or can you interact with somidty…or did you just mint so you can hang out…

totally agree. MLOOT is simply a genius design. It is a very important part. Imagine that this will be a completely decentralized iterative product that can surpass Axie.

I agree that driving up the scarcity of first edition Loot (and prices) now risks excluding people at a time when the community needs to grow. Long term the more people playing, building and interacting are what will create real value, not the initial artificial scarcity. Don’t choke this thing off early.

Yes, a million times yes.

There is time and very fertile soil for creative token designs as a complement to a working product, product market fit, ready infra, users like doing the game thingy and tell you they will stick around.

Put it on a billboard, play it on the radio.

Build First, Inflate Later.

Agree with @Avi_G, we don’t need to do one or the other. Devs will still build, but some level of organization and standards is beneficial.