Building a Loot map by curating derivatives

Hey all,

This is Jessie from OwnershipLabs, we are developing a NFT curation tool called dataverse to help ppl navigate the web.

Since more and more interesting derivatives rising around Loot, the gamebook starts to be written. Also inspired by Andy’s visual encyclopedia for Loot, we are thinking “why not build a loot map via dataverse?”

We have been thinking about the narratives for NFT, not only as an avatar, but as an contextual medium that contributes to a knowledge graph, as a :jigsaw: to uncover the map of the digital world (metaverse). NFTs contain the creativity, intelligence and imagination of human, which cannot be easily computed/valued before.

Please feel free to try our extension, and we would love to hear any feedback or use cases that you curate around Loot, we can do better together!

Lastly, this is my Loot collection :running_woman: with derivatives curated, check it out~