Call to all creators, don't ignore Polygon :)

Hey guys,
there’s quite a few things going on on Polygon already.

We have the Loot+ Community, which is slowly growing and there’s also Treasure on Polygon already.
ALGD also already exists on Polygon. I know the main project is on ETH but some people don’t like gas fee’s and can’t afford the high ETH prices. To make this community even larger i’d like to ask you guys, if you deploy a new contract for whatever you’re working on, why don’t you deploy it on Polygon aswell? Maybe at some point we’ll be able to bridge the two.

We’d have two communities on ETH and a “baby” one on Polygon, at the end this helps both communities!

If you’re working on a tool, contract, whatever…consider both ETH and Polygon, much appreciated!

ALGD: Contract Address 0x5ba4a9c19fdaadfc2d3a0e471de5f16070233a40 | PolygonScan
Loot+: Contract Address 0xbb897cd82f6e3a034d9ab466e47b92f6338ae018 | PolygonScan
Treasure: Contract Address 0xf6274f2f8e92edd0b88e8d9f2faf22a63a6dfbad | PolygonScan

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I support this.

With real game play kicks in, I wanna play a game without paying $50 gas each time.

Bumb :slight_smile:

Even alternate universes exist on polygon →