CastleDAO launches CastleLoot Generation One (for Adventurers)

Introducing CastleLoot by CastleDAO


Ever dreamed of having your own castle? A private fortress of solitude and despair?

CastleDAO is here to provide knights with unique castles. Each castle has unique traits such as Defense, Gold Generation, Capacity, Unique Skill, Story and Design.

Castles (Generation One) are the first piece of the CastleDAO; a multi-NFT collection with synergies.

Rarity and traits

The 10,000 pieces are approximately generated in the following ratios:

  • 1% Divine

  • 6% Mythic

  • 33% Rare

  • 60% Common

Castles have on-chain generated random attributes available for anyone to compose new synergies. Those attributes are:

  • Unique skill

  • Gold Generation

  • Defense

  • Capacity

  • Name

  • Warrior

  • Rarity

Apart from that, each castle will have a unique image generated after the NFT attributes.


The DAO has launched CastleLoot NFTs with the following distribution.

  • 1-8000 For original Loot holders during the period of one month. After that it will be open to anyone.

  • 8001-9900 For anyone to mint

  • 9901-10000 For the DAO as a means of community rewards, airdropping and reserves.

The initial prices for minting are:

  • 0.01 ETH for loot holders
  • 0.1 ETH for normal mints


If there’s any problem during the minting phase or the image generation, please contact us on Discord and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Following work

The first steps of the DAO were focusing on creating the art, smart contracts and all the software pieces needed. In the future the DAO will create new collectibles that will have synergies with the first edition of the Castles, original Loot and synthetic loot.

We would also like to team up with collaborators to explorer NFT bridges and gasless solutions.

Airdrops for the community

We will use Airdrops as a way to attract new members to the community. The first bulk of airdrops will be distributed among the users who follow and retweet our Twtitter @CastlesDAO or join our discord

Links and more info

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Can’t wait to see whats in the bag for this… Literally the best Loot out there handsdown.

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so cool looking forward to castleloot!
any discord to chat?

NPC thanks for joining. Our discord is CastleDAO :slight_smile:

UPDATE: For looters, your castles 0-8000 will remain available for minting with loot just for some more days. After that anyone will be able to claim it.

Please, come join us now. :muscle: