Caution: $ASILV Contract Released

As a word of caution, over in the Discord server, donttalkplay made an $ASILV contract with 7,500,000,000 tokens. Contract says AIRDROP of 3000 $ASILV per Loot, mLoot, Role Character, and Eth wallet. Mentions “they” want to create a fair DAO.

Reason I say word of caution is because: 373,000,000 were transfered to a wallet, then 3 exact transfers to 3 other wallets were made of 60,027,303 each. Also, AIRDROPs would be done their end and not a claim

Contract address:

I am not the best with finding red flags in solidity code so, I was posting this for anybody that may want to dig more into the contract.



I used the contract, seems fine to me. need to claim though.