Community Principles and Goals

I think it is important for our community to define what binds us and what our shared collective goals are, both to enable more collective decision-making as well as define what we stand for to the world. These principles/goals will ideally be articulated in a far more concise manner than I, and voted on-chain.

From the discussions I’ve read in discord I’ve picked out a few that resonate to debate and discuss.

  1. Ask not what your NFT can do for you, but what you can do for your NFT. We build or we die and fade to nothing. Each bag owner is responsible for defining this world and adding to it.
  2. Focus on creation versus speculation. It’s easy for communities to get sucked into staring at the floor price or who is selling. Our value comes from not doing that. The less we think about how the market values us, the more value we will create
  3. Value capture and accrual. Any projects or developments associated with us should bring real, measurable, value to the community. Projects that don’t are welcome to pop up, but we shouldn’t use our distribution channels to market them or celebrate them
  4. Open-Source- We are collaborative, a building block community
  5. Experimental- We will celebrate those that do things differently and try new things. A failed experiment is worth more than a low-effort fork
  6. Inclusive- Seems crazy for a 10+ eth entry fee, but generally creators should be mindful of how we create the next generation of Adventurers. Additionally, builders who don’t own a bag are welcome to build on top of us, and the community will compensate them for value they create
  7. Transparent- Decisions made on behalf of the community should be open to all.
  8. Agile/fast moving- As we grow and expand, we need to stay true to our roots. Decisions should be made quickly, creators should be free to ship as fast as they can.

Anything else? Anything here not resonate with people?


#7 is the key point here, I think.

From what I’ve seen on discord, there is a sense of disconnect between bag owners and non-bag owners when it comes to feeling like there is a sense of community-oriented decision making. Having a specific space for bag owners and non-bag-owners to come together to specifically discuss and debate community-level decisions would go a long ways towards helping reduce friction on the discord server.

These points do a great job capturing the essence that resonates with me. I want to belong to a community with these principles. I want to build on that as a foundation.

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I suggest that we stop putting the priority on ALGD and not the NFTs. instead of creating more coin ponzis (which we have hundreds already) let’s make ALGD an easily accessible coin for gaming such as Axie SLP and focus the utility of the coin as currency around the metaverse being built. In an economy a coin that is scarce is not used. To grow and move an economy you need usage incentives, that is why governments basically always keep printing money to keep the engine of society active. NFTs are exactly representation of scarcity and coins are the total opposite we as gamers know this.

The question is what’s the vision of this project ? More users and usage? Or making rich early adopters? Do we believe this will last by focusing on making rich early adopters, creating scarcity games only ? Or early adopters create wealth with more users?

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I agree. I believe it’s more important to align on this than anything else