Companions (For Adventurers)

Hey Adventurers!,

I just launched a derivative called Companions (For Adventurers) - if you own any loot you can directly mint from the contract for free, if you don’t own a loot, you can mint your own companion for .04 eth make sure to input an ID greater than 10,000(max of 20 companions per wallet)! There are a total of 20,000 companions that can be minted — There are over 40 different types of companions ranging from wolves and tigers to skeletons and dragons that can help you along the way on your adventure. Each companion has its own special, unique traits, attributes, and abilities! We will also be releasing an accompanying token for the ecosystem and a breeding system for your companion! You can mint your companions today directly from the contract: Companions | 0x6838b1c5c81d0978697a13d263415B613bf23E52.

Also join our discord to come show off your new Companions: Companions (For Adventurers) — Thanks for the support!


Hey there how do I mint this as a loot holder? Thanks

Please go to the Etherscan contract, and select the write tab.

To mint as a Loot holder, use claimForLoot - # TokenID you would like to claim. (Number Under 10,000):

Thanks! looking forward to the contest! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: