Consider the game. mLoot, AGLD, ecosystem

I strongly oppose any proposal that breaks potential gameplay parity between OG Loot and mLoot holders on the grounds that doing so will effectively destroy the design space in which any future LOOT game can design its player economy. AGLD’s release prior to mLoot’s existence is unfortunate timing but hopefully with swift action the community can come around to a solution where the spirit of AGLD is upheld but made accessible to “players” besides the beta testing group (og loot holders ;p)

First, where we’re at right now / in the near future based on most proposals I’ve read on this board: A game system where the first 2,000 players had 100x the resources as the rest of the players who join later on – not much later on, but a week later on – for a game that doesn’t exist yet. Why would the rest of the players stay in the ecosystem where they are so strongly disadvantaged? (They won’t)

In this sense the AGLD is a fine currency for OG Loot holders to use in games or settings in which they will only interact with other OG Loot holders. But such a game will never be successful (in terms of player adoption and growing a self-sustaining community) as the potential player base is currently under 3,000 individuals.

I see there being a few potential ways forward.

One, OG Loot and AGLD effectively become their own “servers” - AGLD is the currency for OG Loot holders interacting in-game with other OG Loot holders. Similarly, mLoot, xLoot, etc. all adopt their own AGLD derivatives (mAGLD, xAGLD, etc.) and act as their own “servers” as well. Ideally apps are built to support the full ecosystem of game pieces (og+loot derivs+creative derivs) and currencies but don’t allow “cross-play”. This unfortunately becomes difficult due to the proprietary license of the AGLD code though Will has said on twitter that he’d like to help derivs make it work.

Two, collectively we acknowledge that AGLD was created to provide in-game currency and airdrop AGLD to mLoot(+any more eligible deriv) holders in equal amount to the og AGLD airdrop. This is the only instance in which AGLD will be a viable in-game currency. This unfortunately becomes difficult due to the financial interests of the people behind AGLD and current OG Loot holders who will not want to devalue their own assets by airdropping to every piece of deriv loot that is eligible. It also has some other problems, like wallets that have minted massive quantities of mLoot given its huge supply.

Three, collectively we acknowledge that synthetic loot (essentially just your wallet address) is the fairest expression of loot and is the closest we can come to identifying a single individual. So for the purpose of play, a new currency can be created (ASLV) that can be claimed once by any ETH wallet and one additional time by any address that holds an eligible loot bag (loot+mloot+xloot). This upholds the other original purpose of AGLD (gas refund) while providing a way for everyone (even synth players) to get in on some gameplay. There’s a compelling argument for making this currency nontransferrable to other wallets or limiting the claim period to discourage farming with near infinite wallet IDs. ngl the mechanics of what is possible in this regard are over my head.

Four, in a world where an ASLV exists, AGLD can still be used, but I suggest it be agreed to be a currency for flexing/cosmetics as opposed to the core currency of the economy. In this way, AGLD is not rugged by the release of any future token and should continue to gain value as it will be sought by a wider player group. But it is understood that it’s not a necessary base currency to engage with projects in the community.

Lastly, I think we all need to take a step back and grab a breath. There’s a lot of money sloshing around and a lot of people are currently more financially exposed (luckily!) than they have been in their entire life. I realize that opinions are going to be strong and that many on this board are among the OG loot holders who have had the good fortune of being early on this. I just ask that people don’t think only with their short term bags in mind and consider that this project is a unique one and potentially historic. It’s going to be what we make of it. I think the more people the better, you may disagree, but hopefully we can all come together and explore some sweet quests, battles, puzzles, inns, faraway lands, etc. in a new way that makes all of our brains melt a little bit. That’s what I’m after.


YES DONT CHANGE AGLD, let others choose to acquire/incorporate/AMMswap it as they see fit!

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