Convert portion of our ETH to $LORDS via Bibliotheca DAO Sale


Participate in the BibliothecaDAO $Lords raise and allocate a % of our Treasury towards this.


Bibliotheca DAO has recently completed voting to complete a sale of $LORDS via to generate additional funds to support their ongoing initiatives which include the creation of a Loot module on Starknet - titled Adventurers.

This proposal has already reached quorum with nearly 100% of the community in favour of a sale of $LORDS. Full details for the Bibliotheca DAO proposal can be found here:

The vote has now been finalised and Bibliotheca DAO will offer $LORDS via at the end of this month. I propose we use a portion of the ETH from our community treasury to participate.


Completing this proposal will provide additional funds directly to an experienced team actively expanding the utility of Loot while also creating deeper incentive alignment between our two communities.

On-chain Treasury Vote (Next)

On the basis this poll is approved, an on-chain Loot Royalty DAO vote will be held where the allocation of the funds will be set in accordance with the snapshot vote decision. Upon approval of this proposal, funds will be allocated when the sale is executed. Specification of the options detailed that will be proposed on below.

Please select the amount of ETH from our treasury you think we should convert to $LORDS in the Bibliotheca DAO via -

  • 10 Eth
  • 20 Eth
  • 30 Eth
  • Do not participate

In accordance with the LIP process, this poll will be open for 3 days and if approved will then be proposed via Snapshot.

Please vote in accordance with which path you think is best for loot at this current juncture.

  • For
  • Against

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