Craft Materials

Dear @lootproject player :cowboy_hat_face:,
Loot Craft is a brand new mechanism of resources :gem: and craft :pick: for @lootproject.
It’s generated and stored on :earth_americas: Ethereum chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are (partially) omitted for others to interpret.
:sparkles: Fancy colors are here to help you understand the first layer of rarity in our project.
Still, feel free to use our resources in any way you want :muscle:.


What’s next ?

:muscle: Future steps
Layer 1

Resources bags (we are here :round_pushpin:) : public mint, building the community, gather feedbacks. And then…
More resources bags ? :face_with_monocle: : it’s up to you ! Our community will decide.

Layer 2

Airdrop :rocket: : launching an utility token for our hodlers. Will be useful for future layers (currency ? exp. ? fuel ? farming ?)

Layer 3

Craft Engine :hammer_and_pick: : use your resources to craft new ones ! Building more and more items for Loot Project.

Layer 4

Use your resources in-game :video_game:

Nice :heart_eyes:
Layers 2 and 3 looks interesting tho