Create a new token for mloot holder

Due to fud in community. i’ve decided to create a proposal for mloot holders to create some type of fork of $agld token like $aslvr , and cap the supply of $agld fixed no inflation.
$aslvr token can be inflationary and it can also be rewarded to og loot holders too as tip for being og loot holder.


Do you see this segregating the Loot & mLoot community? The launch of mLoot aims to scale the Loot communities while not diluting the Loot NFT’s scarcity. The separation of governance token is not a good idea from a branding perspective for the ecosystem as well.


giving more money to og loot holders is just wrong. they have done pretty well already. this will only piss mloot holders off


I don’t see how there is a clear, compelling, concise reason for an additional governance token right now.

Tokens can bring utility or cool features or whatever, the lead is on functionality and use case more than lame theorycraft debates about the infinite regress involved in assessing moral deserts of tribe A versus tribe B.

If Loot holders can stand to advance their own interests by supporting a “kin” project from the original developer.

You can fill in the rest pretty easily.

I support the creation of ASLV and for it to be available only for mLoot bags. If OG loot holders want some ASLV, they can mint an mLoot bag.

AGLD was naturally fixed cap because loot was fixed cap. ASLV will be naturally inflationary because mLoot is inflationary (250k/annually)

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I have expanded your thoughts more.

• Expand Loot holders community to support growth and innovation by incentives and engagement
• Incentivise builders to build for Loot communities (engagement)

Who are the communities
OG LOOT holders are like the ‘Ancestors’ while mLOOT holders are ‘offspring’. We need to take into account there can be potential many ‘Offspring communities’. Also ‘offspring’ communties can be spread out once there are engagement with outside builder dapps.

OG LOOT holders need to recognise the importance of these offspring communities such that there will be a mechanism for them to represent their offspring communities in the OG LOOT governance table. These ‘offspring’ LOOT communities are recognised and ranked their importance by a threshold percentage of the total lock-in number of a new token $ASLV (more about this later).

What is AGLD ?
$AGLD is the governance token as well as reserve currency - only $AGLD Dao can mint more $AGLD.
• Low inflation to support grants and incentives to loot holders
• Burn to mint community token $ASLV
• Give out grants in $AGLD

What is ASLV ?
$ASLV is the community token with lower value but high velocity but still scarce. This is can only be minted by burning $AGLD but the conversion ratio can be different for each minting decision.

$ASLV is used to ‘fuel’ the growth of the communities,in another words, acting as incentive drivers which can be the in-game currency.

An example
Offspring LOOT holders (say in this case mLOOT) all are active in game A and total ASLV locked in the game A exceeds X % threshold of total $ASLV, so mLOOT holders in this game will be rewarded Y $AGLD which can be used to vote in governance.


i agree,but i think the focus is Loot&mLoot game development, instead of only token to dollar


I like this idea. How do we decide the conversion rate?
It should be dynamic since we have more mLoot flooding every day.

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im Voting no … simple

DUDE RIGHT ON - DONT CHANGE AGLD, let others choose to acquire/incorporate/AMMswap it as they see fit!

Look at my two other posts:
1)AGLD Consolidated Thread - #21 by MassAccept
2)Proposal: Leave AGLD Alone - Create Layer2 Ronin-like SideChain with AMM :wink:

Plz create some value for new loot community members

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I would like to be part of a working community, one in which everyone is included and equal.
I am already feeling the exclusion and feel this is not so good for mloot in the current situation.
I have read as much literature as possible over the past few days, and struggle to find where mloot has full inclusion. New apps seem to set up for ogloot only, creating a further division.
It feels like the actions of ogloot holders, and mloot inclusions only adds to the divide and is fueling further demise… In an ecosystem where everything isnt equal…
If only ogloot holders could see that a full public confirmation and unity with mloot intergration could fuel the next big wave of interest -purchases/funding… this is where all loot could be unified…
we are after all only 1.3 million in a huge metaverse.

Can you tell me if there was a vote for this mloot proposal, I am a mloot holder and would really like to help create/be part of a healthy community…something for the future… for everyones future…

seems like not a good idea to separate the camp.