Discord for developers/artists/writers?

I’m wondering if there’s any interest in a Builder’s Discord purely for developers/artists/writers? Something narrower in focus that isn’t about secondary or tokens or governance, but just about building. I’d personally love to jump on something like this.


I would definitely be interested in this. Non loot holder dev here just inspired by the idea (especially the synthetic loot addition) and want to see where to jump in and contribute. I have found the main discord to be pretty overwhelming.

I’d be down to help contribute by writing. I’ve been looking for an excuse to write more fiction.

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Hey @dom would also love to be involved in this! I have a startup working with game developers to build HTML5 games integrated with blockchain, and am glad to contribute where I can.

The Lootiverse is definitely amazing, and it would be great if we can allow less technical creators to contribute as well!

One idea I have is perhaps in the Builder’s Discord there could be a #commisions channel, where loot owners can commission artists to create art out of their loot.

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Yes please!

Would be great to have a dedicated space to let creative juices flow freely.

Let me know if you’re busy, and I can get it set up.


There is a writer’s discord (Guild name is still a work in progress) that is currently working out the kinks of how to structurally manage a space for writers that can guarantee rewards for their efforts. I would like to help and facilitate the creation of such a space as much as I can, but alas, I am better with words than I am with tech. Not quite a space for pure building just yet, but it could become that with time and perseverance. Hop on over, the more diverse of thought we are the stronger we become.

I’d love this! I’m a scifi writer on the side and would love to contribute to anything of this kind.


Absolutely. This would help with some of the current chaos in those channels on discord.

The link of the channel is broken

We started a Builder’s Discord here: Loot Builders

I’m with Chaz on this, would love to do some writing! Count me in.

Try it now. I hope it works.

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Hey Tai, this link has expired. Is it still around? Still itching for this.

Hmm should be permanent link try this: Loot Builders

Still getting expired. :slight_smile:

I would be interested in this

very strange indeed, server shows it’s infinite link oh well here’s another: Loot Builders

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Still expired. :sweat_smile: How populated is the server? Maybe we recreate if it’s not going yet?

Here’s what’s happening. Is it possible the invite is pointing to a permissioned room or there’s another similar issue?

Strangest thing is I remember joining earlier this morning but now it’s not in my list.

Loot Builders this link should work - just tried it with a friend and worked fine.