Dope Wars Loot

Hello Folks!

This is Dennison from Tally. I deployed Dope Wars Loot. The first derivative, of Loot, and actually a reasonably different project.

  1. Fair Launch
    I removed the owner’s ability (in Loot) to mint a couple of hundred extra loot. That means I, being the deployer of a derivative, didn’t do it for personal gain. It was truly fair launch.

  2. Written by the community
    The Dope Wars Loot was written by the community in a word doc in a discord. A lot of people collaborated to make the loot. It was wild.

  3. Token Governance
    We removed the Loot NFT and instead used the NounsDAO Voting NFT. This means Dope Wars Loot is a governance token in and of itself and projects building on it can always query exactly how many Loot anyone had at any point in time.

What I wanted to ask was:

Would the Loot community be willing to host the Dope Wars Loot in the Loot Forum? The community is doing some awesome things, and would be nice to have a home in the Loot community.

It seems to me that the Dope Wars community has never actually wanted to be part of the Loot ecosystem in the first place, so I’m a little confused about this ask.

Dope Wars is an entirely different mint and the people are building an entirely different set of work, forming completely separate visions of the future. This all means that Dope Wars is a copycat project, not a derivative. I can see how the core ethos may be similar but having Dope Wars discuss their work here seems like it would just be two groups with not much to do with each other nonetheless using the same forum.


Fair enough, thought I would come here and ask, thought there would be productive overlap but if no ones interested we will be on our way.