EmptyLoot - remixing mLoots to create unique bags

I would like to share a derivative experiment I created based on mLoot, called EmptyLoot.

  • You will mint an empty bag.
  • Then you can fill the bag with individually selected gear from your mLoots (eg: addWeapon, addChest, etc.)
  • Only one gear is allowed to add from an mLoot and you can’t reuse mLoots across multiple bags.
  • A filled bag would look like a regular Loot. Has the same interface (getWeapon, getChest, tokenURI, etc)

I hope this opens up more creative use for mLoot and encourage folks to acquire different mLoots. By giving the option to create totally unique bags (outside of regular gear selection algorithm), will also open up new ways to use Loot (different gameplays, rarities, etc).

If you like to read and mint directly from the contract, here’s the link - EmptyLoot | 0x6ba9d9f061b36d44069db51b48ae87a6e066a532

Here’s the announcement tweet: https://twitter.com/laktek/status/1435845710545494017

Would love to hear your feedback and looking for contributors to evolve the project.

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