Equipping enhanced&composite systems -- On $agld value embodiment and Deflation

First of all, I am not a stakeholder, I am just a pure loot meta-universe fan, I have a proposal for your reference。
Why don't we create a synthesis or equipment system, to strengthen synthesis & strengthening operation need to consume a certain amount of agld, have a certain failure probability, and synthesis & strengthening is synthetic & strengthen the higher the level of the higher the probability of failure, failure will disappear after the equipment, of course, on the other hand if the synthesis & strengthen success, equipment will become more rare and more valuable,this will cause deflation of $agld and loot, and at the same time increase the playability of loot.
On another level, when more and more $agld and loot are consumed for equipment synthesis and enhancement, it will naturally allow more mloot holders to participate. At the same time, some type of fork may be derived from scarcity due to $agld consumption. of $agld token like $aslvr. In this way everything becomes natural.
In my opinion the development of Loot Metaverse is a process of development. Now that we have equipment and token systems, why don’t we start with a foundry shop to further expand the world of Loot Metaverse. Loot will have more systems in the future. , Map exploration, team fight against monsters, character upgrades and a series of functional systems, so as to make the community more and more prosperous