Expanding the loot community (Refined Loot)

Welcome to the Refinery! We have the greatest blacksmiths, weavers, and seamstresses in the realm.

Our goal is to expand our community by introducing multiple levels of loot (OG loot, xLoot, and refined loot). Refined loot can go as deep as five generations which should allow us to expand our community significantly.

Bring your Loot, your xLoot, or already Refined Loot (rLoot) to improve the strength and power of your Loot. Will the blacksmith be able to make that old Helmet Shiny? Maybe they can make that Sword wait for it … Legendary! Hopefully they don’t accidentally cause your Robe to get Rusty!!

All Loot, xLoot, and rLoot can be refined for free to generate an entirely new Bag for you, up to a 5th generation – the Loot you are refining never gets touched. If you aren’t happy with what the Refinery did to your Loot you are free to re-refine it up to 4 more times but note! Additional refinements will cost you in order to prevent you from refining an infinite number of times!

As you continue to refine your Loot over and over, each generation will have a better opportunity to yield rarer items! Turn your normal items into Shiny, Magical, Mythic, or super rare Legendary items. Keep refining and you’ll have the opportunity to receive the rarest Omnipotent Loot!! But be warned, the Refinery might accidentally rust or even destroy one of your items!*

You can mint directly here using the refine functionality for any type of Loot (Loot, xLoot, rLoot): Refinery | 0x363d38d016f481ee13b43f5900a6f5d39bb47d49

*Note we never destroy, burn, or somehow remove previously generated bags. A Destroy item will simply have a Destroyed marker, similarly to having a Legendary marker.

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