Extending Loot Metaverse - LootLife

I’ve been working on a bunch of connective fibers.

Based a lot off of the mechanics of Rimworld. (steam game)

What follows is an overview of what I have in the works, and my view on how to build out the loot metaverse in a scaleable way, with entry points at every price range.

I think the biggest misconception I have seen is that we need to make more loot, in order to make the Loot Metaverse more accessible.

I disagree.

I think Characters & Realms provide a much better opportunity.

I focused on the three main derivatives:
Characters, Realms, and Ability Scores.

Overview - Extended Characters

The owner of a Character can mint the corresponding Extended Character.
Any Extended Character with ID 0-12000 has:

  1. The same Race as the corresponding Character
  2. The same Profession as the corresponding Character
  3. The same Base Stats as the corresponding Character
  4. Constitution, Charisma, and Wisdom roll at random on a Character (1-10).
  5. Generation Zero.
  6. New Lifestyle Stats: Fertility, Attractiveness, Command

Base Stats are simply the stats that roll on the Character itself.

Extended Characters can have an Ability Score attached to them.
This adds the Ability Score stats to the Base Stats and the rolled Const, Char, Wis.

Extended Characters can be citizens of a particular Realm.

If you own the realm you can set a character as leader of the Realm, and set the particular title that the leader of your Realm holds.

You can set your Realm to allow immigration. Users with no realm can immigrate to your realm.

Extended Characters can be named. Family names are permanent and can only be set on once on each Generation Zero Extended Character. First names are not permanent, but cost $AGLD to change.

Extended Characters can form relationships with other Extended Characters.

Extended Characters can reproduce with other Extended Characters.

All Extended Characters created as the result of breeding have a token id > 12000.

Crossbreeding with Humans leads to the normal of Half-breeds, and Nephilim in the case of Demon + Female Human.

In order to interact with any of the ownership bound functions, regarding an id <= 12000, the user must hold both the Character and Extended Character NFT.

Generation Zero Extended Characters can breed for 8*365 + 2 days after initial minting.

All successive generations can breed for 4*365 + 2 days, starting 365 days after birth.

Each generation has a slight probability of increased stats.
Like in real life.
People get better and stronger and smarter each generation.


I have a few Lifestyle functions for customization of their characters.

nameCharacter (uint characterId, string firstName, string familyName)
renameCharacter (uint characterId, uint firstName)
N? AGLD for renaming
setCustomGenderIdentity (uint characterId, uint genderIdentity, uint pronounHeShe, uint pronounHimHer)
setCharacterReproductiveSexParts (uint characterId, uint sexParts)
Angels & Demons can have Both reproductive organs simultaneously
Nymphs can only have female reproductive organs

setSexualOrientation (uint characterId, uint kinseyScale)
Look up Kinsey Scale for more info

setSexualAvailability (uint characterId, bool isAvailable)
setRomanticAvailability (uint characterId, bool isAvailable)
setForbidCrossbreeding (uint characterId, bool isCrossbreedable)


getOpinionOf(uint characterId, uint targetCharacterId)

courtCharacter (uint yourCharacterId, uint characterToCourt)
– initializes and “Interested” Opinion if characters are compatible
– allows the characters to date

goOnDate (uint yourCharacterId, uint characterToDate) payable
– based on Compatibility (sex parts + kinsey scale), and Opinion, the date requires more or less eth to successfully increase Opinion (date cost: $60 - $200)
– characters can only be courted if they are set to be romantically available
– dates last one-hour
– either party can endDate(uint yourCharacterId, uint characterDatingId)

Still working on Marriages, will be using the Banquets derivative for this potentially.


For same race breeding:
standardBreed (uint parentOneId, uint parentTwoId, uint firstBornName)
– must meet relationship criteria, and be sexually available
– characters with female reproductive organs can set to romantically available and sexually available and let others court and progress through the relationship process for them.
– if you trigger breeding with a character you do not own, you will guarantee twins, one stays with the other party.

For Half-X breeding:
crossbreedHuman (uint nonhumanParentId, uint humanParentId)

Vampires cannot breed but they can:
biteHuman(uint vampireId, uint humanId)

Demons with particular stats can:
demonGenesis(uint demonId)
– spawns a next gen Demon without a partner
– can only be used once per 365 days

Undead cannot breed.

Fae can crossbreed (with X), producing Fae-Touched X.


For a lot of this, we’ll require Realm’s metadata on chain. (I think)

Each realm has resources, I want to tokenize them ERC20 style, and have their generation per realm be determined by abundance, population, and median population stats.

Water abundance will determine population capacity.
If characters breed successfully within a Realm at population capacity, the offspring will roll with 50% stat reductions.

realm owners can:
setLeaderOfRealm (uint realmId, uint characterId)
openImmigration (uint realmId)
closeImmigration (uint realmId)

assignWorkersToResource (uint resourceId, uint characterIds, uint leaderId)
– A leader can only assign a citizen to a job if they have > +4 higher Command.
– Character’s assigned a job will earn X% (set by realm owner) of the generated ERC20 resource tokens

characters that don’t own realms can:
becomeCitizenOfRealm (uint realmId, uint characterId)

The Loot Tie-In

When minting the Gen0 Extended Characters, minting the Id matching a Loot Bag in your possession, adds +2 to each base stat, +8 to the three new stats.

Minting with the matching realm adds +4 to Command.

Minting with the matching ability score adds +4 to a stat of your choice.

Minting with the matching ability score, realm, and loot adds +5 to each Stat, +10 to Fertility & Attractiveness, and +14 to Command. +8 stat points can be added to the stat of your choice.

I am tired. See y’all tomorrow. Sorry if anything is unclear. Will post code and deploy on rinkeby tomorrow.


This has considerable Persistent World vibes (Mount and Blade mod).

Count me in!