Factions: Composable Game Lore

Hi Lootverse,

After yesterday’s sync up, decided to submit a few concepts to give inspiration for mechanisms for a cohesive and composable Lore writing kit in Lootverse, so that games can have a foundation in which to engage players. Factions is one method, so am outlining my idea here.

This one is the idea of Lore factions for Game usage.

Also, Round Two starts pretty much right after Round One, with more advice and steering to come :slight_smile:

These are all just concepts, not official:


  • Human (Order divisions for Sub-factions)

Then other races as NPC to start, to PC eventually:

  • Undead Empire (Antagonist Faction with Hierarchy for sub-factions, the opposite of Life)
  • Orkish Clans (Shaman and Warrior Clans, loosely Allied, love violence)
  • Elvish Empire (Wood and Dark arch-types as sub-factions)
  • Dwarven Kingdom (Gnomes, Halflings arch-types as sub-factions)
  • The Last Giants (A dying race, hard to find, with a long-term game quest line to save)
  • The Cognoscenti (A hidden society of any race, unknowable, many plans, chaotic to an outside observer, highly scientific and organized to those ‘in the know’)

Thanks and feedback always is lovely.

Have a good one,


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We’re also doing something similar - Human Races + Mythical Races. More on that soon.

Though isn’t cognoscenti more like an alliance/faction than a race? If you’re building this on the 5e model, I mean.

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Yes it is, should have made the distinction clearer.

For a game design purpose in terms of Lore, having a few factions that any ‘race’ can join is ideal in my mind, that way you have the full spectrum of lore at play.

As far as I am aware there are no plans to use the 5e model, it is new customized model done to optimize on chain actions.

I should have just said Secret Societies of varying ethics/goals that exist within Orders.

This reads as races more than factions to me too, even after the clarification!

I’m trying to introduce witches, which should include necromancers, mediums, divinators, oracles, and whatever occult stuff anyone can think of.

I want the oracles to be similar to cognoscenti where they can ‘know’ about the items properties, but different in that they don’t do it through research, they do it through asking them and being attuned to other planes of existence.

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As in ‘know’ instead of ‘understand’. Kinda like the yin/yang of spirituality/science.

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