Familiars (for Adventurers)

There is free minting (except for gas) of Familiars for Loot holders. The instructions are on the Opensea project page: https://opensea.io/collection/loot-familiars

We want to grow this with extensions such as Familiars visual airdrops if there are enough mints. Its also possible to mint for a fellow Loot holder so he gets his familiar for free during this free minting week.
We are exploring what kind of art we would want to go with. We really like the visuals from Lootmart.

Our announcement on twitter:

Keep Looting Adventurers!

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If anyone knows great pixel artists, please let is know!

Hey @SaintZoz

Congrats :slight_smile:

Can you please give us some ideas you have on how the community could use Familiars?


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There are already a few existing examples with Loot that would work for Familiars too: Attributes, Visual aspects, online viewers. All of that would be good starting points (both as tools or NFT extensions).

Brainstorming here: Kennels/doghouses, toys, magic/mutation agents(think of Yatch club mutant potions), combat tools/games would all be nice things to build around the familiars. Anyhing that adds a fun little game around loot/Familiars is a HUGE addition imo (as small as a pokemon type fighting thing).

Still available?

so iā€™m very interesting

Yes. You need to own a Loot and go mint your Familiar on this contract:

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Nice!!! Interesting

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