Feedback on New Proposal: What to do with the 200 LOOT Bags?

Dom announced he would only claim 21 of his 221 bags. He then said we should have a vote to determine the fate of the 200 bags. I propose we as a community show him our support that we want him to claim his 221 bags vs only 21.

Loot is a massive undertaking for any community, and we have made great strides. Much of that success is thanks to the support of Dom (and of course others too!). We as a community should show our support of him claiming all 221 bags as a small token of gratitude for all of his work. Dom’s 221 bags, would make him a top 5 Loot holder and align any of his future efforts with the incentives of the greater community.

This is largely a thank you of the community back to Dom for all of his early vision and support. To be clear, these are Dom’s bags – however this poll is to show the community’s support of him claiming all 221 and not just 21 of them.

To quote Dom’s previous request, this is exactly what he wanted us to do – vote on the fate of the 200 bags:

“Please note that there are currently 221 unminted “owner bags” that only the contract owner can mint. In either outcome, I would like to claim 21 of them personally and lock them behind a vest, leaving 200 bags remaining.
If we vote to burn the keys:
• Create a single followup proposal to determine the fate of the 200 owner bags and act on it
• Call renounceOwnership() on the contract, burning the keys and removing ownership permanently
• Done

If this change is voted on and agreed to, Dom would own 221 of 8000 bags (2.76%) vs. Dom owning 21 out of 7800 bags (0.27%).

Lastly, other members of the community have already shared this sentiment:

  1. See John Palmer’s tweet:
  2. Owner Bags - #16 by jpalmz

There are no additional technical challenges for this proposal.