First Loot NFT mint using AGLD : Seven Deadly Rings

So AGLD’s whole value proposition comes from the fact that people will be using AGLD to play games, do roleplay, etc within the Lootverse.

AGLD is completly valueless if no projects ever use it as its actual currency instead of Ether. Which is why i created

The first NFT mint to my knowledge where you can actually use your AGLD for something.
There will be only 7 rings and they will be unique. Each ring have it’s own visual and lore.

Pretty cool. Can you confirm the Loot/AGLD used to forge the rings are burned?

The Divine Robe Loot will is sent to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD, the burn address when the Divine Ring is forged.

You can see this in the ForgeTheDivineRing() function here :

The AGLD however will be spent to fund an RP campain around Loot and the story of the Rings if the Rings are all forged, where all the Loot universe participant will be able to play and where the Ring holders will hold special powers.