First Loot project on BSC?!
GN!Found a BSC project! Seems like the first one on Binance Smart Chain!
Loot is taking the world, almost certain soon there will be loot derivatives on BSC,Polygon~
This one even went a little extra& let you mint on its website which I think it’s cool!
DYOR Still~


Looks cool!! This one enables people to view Loot on BSC!

Issue with BSC is that there’s no OpenSea alternative so hard for ppl to view loot minted on BSC.

Like the “Low Gas Shoes of Reflection”. lol

Minted! Like the color so much

The low gas fee on BSC definitely would make it People’s NFT!!!

I support this project, very bullish.

First i heard of on BSC. But there’s actually a lot already on polygon :slight_smile: - OG Loot on Polyloot, theres a few but this one has most sales and is the largest.

Derivates already:

and people are working on more stuff.

just hope that some of the devs will support other networks too sooner or later

Where we can see it? Thank you