Game about to be launched: Loot Dungeon

Hey guys!

After a weekend of heads-down coding, I’m about to release what I think it’s the first playable game using Loot. It’s called “Loot Dungeon” (I am aware there are projects with a similar name but sorry! things move so fast and I already purchased the domain).

It’s a RPG-like game and I designed it to be scary and adventurous. It goes like this: You are walking down the coastline and see a cave. To enter, you need to stake your Loot bag, and depending on the rarity, you get certain stats. You are then presented a monster (there are 6 unique monsters). Some are pretty weak and 99% of the times you will defeat them, others are really tough. Then, you can choose to either battle or escape. If you escape (by paying a fee), you get your Loot back. If you decide to fight, a D&D-inspired battle sequence starts. It looks like this:


The results of the battle depend on your stats, but also need you to be a bit lucky, as the attacks are affected by RNG (I’m using Chainlink for VRFs).

If you win the battle, you can claim the monster drops. All monsters drop a guaranteed NFT and with a 10% chance they can drop a Card NFT.

If you lose, you lose your Loot, unless you pay the Ferryman’s fee, which lets you revive and fight another day. The Ferryman’s fee will start at 0.05 ETH and increase over time.

There’s also a bonus 1-time only NFT when you escape and when you die. All NFTs are pixel art autogenerated by ML.

What do you guys think? Do you have any last minute thoughts? I have everything ready to be released (including the UI app) and just waiting for gas fees to drop a little bit (costing me over 3k USD to deploy right now :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:). But can tweak small details.

I went ahead and deployed the game!


What do people win if they play this? Staking your loot is a very big stake

Playing guarantees you an NFT and beating monsters gives you NFT rewards too. The stronger the monster, the more valuable the NFT. I know staking Loot is a big ask, so I’m ok if it not caters to everyone. However I think it can be fun and at least an interesting experiment so hopefully it can take off. Also the risks increase as more people use it, since the fee to revive is low at the beginning and scales over time.

Anyways, I went ahead and deployed last night. Let’s see if any Loot holder is degenerate enough to be the first to enter :laughing:


BTW I’m giving away a Genesis Card (edition of 5) randomly between people who retweet and follow the project account: Link to the Tweet

Looking good, i think it’s better started with mLoot to get people involved in playing first :slight_smile:


Would love to deploy a mLoot version but I ran out of Eth :slightly_frowning_face: If I get some liquidity back I’ll for sure consider it.

Nice! Good to see some on-chain stuff :slight_smile:
one thing you can do (next time) is to have your contract clonable with parameter, so the cost of deploying a new contract with a different Loot contract (mloot in the case) become very cheap compared to deploying a new contract from scratch.


Wish I knew! :anguished: If anyone out there can spare the gas fees I’ll happily deploy an mDungeon and reward one mGenesis card to the gas provider.

Hey guys! Just launched a Polygon version of the game which is a lot cheaper. It works for PolyLoot and a custom mPolyLoot (mLoot but for Polygon).

Please try it out and let me know your thoughts!

You can claim mPolyLoot at Loot Dungeon: Fight monsters and get NFT rewards

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I’m happy to set aside some of my Legendary Lineage NFTs as rewards for players who beat the dungeon, if that’s helpful to you. Something to supplement the procedural art you’re issuing.

Does your inspiration come from DungeonSwap(BSC)? :rofl: