Genesis Scrolls Round 1 : { Amaranthines : Scroll #2}

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Genesis Scrolls Round 1: {Amaranthines : Scroll #2}

A Scroll from The Archives of Ämetatilelël

Scroll #9890

Pages from the notes of late adventurer, Morana of Ha‘ule‘u

[[ Mentions - Queen Violette of Vitriol, “Demon Shout” The Grave Wand held by Queen Violette of Vitriol, Amaranthines, Queen Violette’s Silver Ring]]

12th Day in the season of Icewhile.
Year of the Great Unification

Vision 32
Trigger : My sister’s grave



The calm, numbing coldness of the Grave Wand finds me again.


I haven’t had a real conversation with anyone but you, Death, in a very long time. Everyone I bring home with me is so busy fearing you, they have no time for me. I wish, for once, one of them would actually talk to me. Say something worth hearing, for once. If they had anything worth preserving in them, I wouldn’t so easily give them to you. But they’re all the same. I wonder if there’s a way to keep a part of them in the piece, just an echo of what made them them. I’ve never let the supplies inspire the creation before…

What of you, little child? What makes you unique? Is there any part of you worth keeping in Amaranthine?

My awareness reaches out through the Wand, searching the echo of her consciousness.

Fear. Horror. Panic.

They told you to fear us, didn’t they? I know known terrors seem safer than havens unknown. The monsters we call family seem safer than those they call “the Other”. But trust me, Death and I will be kinder to you than they would have been. Ask Violette. She’s thankful I took her place.

At the back of my awareness, I feel her stir. The girl whose name and life I stole. The girl that would have been Violette if not for their games. She never really left me, but without the Wand, I wouldn’t have known. She’s good at hiding at the far edges of my consciousness. I think she felt bad for me. I’ll never be sure if it’s pity or vitriol that kept her from moving on. But I know she agrees with me on this - she’s the luckier one.

Another child that didn’t get a chance to exist. I wish I knew where they hid your body, Violette. It would have been so perfect for -

A blinding flash of pain shatters the bond.

This creation seems more like an expression of emotion. Usually, her thoughts are about its functional aspects and efficiency. She also sounds oddly relaxed. Why is this one different?

In all her other visions, her connection with Violette was very weak. But that flash of pain when she was thinking about Violette’s body. It almost seemed like Violette was actually responding? Did she want the witch demon to find her body?

She had all the items. She still has the ring in this vision

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