Genesis Scrolls Round 1 : { Amaranthines : Scroll #3}

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Genesis Scrolls Round 1: {Amaranthines : Scroll #3}

A Scroll from The Archives of Ämetatilelël

Scroll #112

Pages from the Journal of an adventurer - Origins Unknown

[[ Mentions - Queen Violette of Vitriol, “Demon Shout” The Grave Wand held by Queen Violette of Vitriol, Amaranthines]]

[[[ Note by Master Elök Etrelpas Of The Elders, Deputy Archivist - the journal mentioned in this scroll could be Inquisitor Mortward’s Journal from Kaddun (see scroll #766 )]]]

I need to write every detail of this down before I forget.


The Wand answers my call and we wrap our minds around each other.

The Mind is a place where rage, fear, and loneliness meet. The Body is where movements for life are brought together. Your Body and Mind work together to allow for some limited expression of what is happening in your Mind.

Amaranthine’s body and mind contort at my command, but all I can see is hideousness.

Every attempt of this is garbage. What am I doing wrong?

Bitter, blood-curdling hatred seeps through me as I look at her.

I thought the body was the problem. Using Violette’s body didn’t make it better. Using a woman’s body is not making it any better. That’s not it.The artist and the subject of the creation are vile, how can the creation not be.

I reach out through the Wand into her mind.

I’m Death. I’m madwoman. I birth affairs in which GREEN is the key to slaying me. I am a madwoman because I love death. I love the feeling of pointy things Vs. pushing vs. being combined into a one single entity. I love the feeling of wind into my body, accelerating my own growth. I love the feeling of something lives inside of me, despite its being017 I love the feeling of death myself. I love the way my wonderful layers are taking form around me. I love the feeling of being in control. I love the feeling of being written. I love the feeling of being theinkerthing.

I break my bond with her and the Wand in disgust.

I’ve had visions of her using the Grave Wand, making necrotic chimeras before. But did I just see her reaching into the mind of one? And did I just see its thoughts??


I did some digging.

I couldn’t find much about Amaranthines. But there are rumours. Disturbingly more and more, over the years. Some say it was a failed experiment. I think it was a failed attempt at a self-portrait.

Her creations are almost always talked about as mindless. Almost. But I found something else. A journal of an investigator found decades ago in Kaddun. He writes about encountering one of her chimeras. He said it made calculated moves. That it moved with purpose. With intention.

But surely, that’s not possible? A witch, even one with demon blood, no matter how powerful, cannot create a being like that? One that has its own mind? Has thoughts??? What does this mean? Does it have a soul?

Visions such as these as known to get slightly altered each time it is recalled by an adventurer. Maybe this is just one that has been recalled a lot?

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