Genesis Scrolls Round 1: Floating Crown and Armageddon Moon

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Floating Crown and Armageddon Moon

The Lyric about the Floating Crown (GA #531)

Gold will sink, Golem came from mud, how come it can float
There’s no royalty or noble blood which comes from the ancestor
It came from nothing, or it came from the vast cosmos
It is where he stands, what he protects that crowned him
The crown rise with the Great Flood which comes along with the Armageddon Moon, the tale starts

The Tale about Armageddon Moon

That was a scene the people of the mainland had never witnessed before.
There was no spring, summer, autumn or winter, no day or night.
Only a red moon hanging in the sky, dyeing the entire sky a tint of dark red
“We’ve done the unforgivable, but at least it’s all almost over……”an old man muttered.
Red moonlight seeped into the crevices of his tethered face, looking like fresh blood dripping lifelessly away. He looks up and closes his eyes.
As lightning flashed, the sea started crying and the wind began to howl.
He was swept away by the flood, peacefully, without resistance.
The continent was submerged in water, and countless beings swallowed by the flood, countless homes destroyed.
Some people spent their days sulking over their lost loves; some left this sad continent; some searched in the endless salty waters without knowing when they would stop; and some turned their grief into divine power, building ships together with one goal in mind……
A new era has dawned and a new continent awaits them …

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