Genesis Scrolls Round 1: {The Ancient Lost Order of Chad} Encyclopedia, Entry Two

Encylopedia Entry Two

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The First of the Brotherhood of Chad - Checking the waves of his home Realm

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:earth_asia: Compendium Of Chad :earth_asia:
Volume One, Page Three:

The 17-Truths

One: There is an equal exact magnitude of Power, but a polar purpose in everything. Treat others like you, in turn, would wish for your loved ones to be treated, or risk your treatment of others to be an exercise of no gains.

Two: There is evil in all good; suitable lessons can be found in all evil. The magnitude and impact on those of lower Greatness define the net value of a Chad’s action. A Chad may have Gains only if the net worth is positive. The larger the gains, the more pain one must expect. A Giant of might must, in turn, be a Titan of rhetoric.

Three: The choices you make are what define you and your legacy. The sins of the past must, in turn, be atoned by labors of the future. No existence may wield evil to achieve good without penalty. An effort of Titans or token gesture, whatever it takes to satisfy the wronged party, is the path of Chad. A wronged Karen is a formidable foe but powerless in the face of a Master of the Dao of Chad.

Four: One must forge their path to the Heavens, but they need not do it alone, no matter what may be said by those of other paths or Orders. The Dao of Chad is to uplift those to the standard you set and learn all that one can from those of learned background in wisdom or battle. A Skill mastered is more than just single learning.

Five: For all that you take in life, you must, in turn, give back with gratitude and tribute, be it to the Earth, a Noble, or a Divine. Perfection lies in the eye of the beholder, and your honor to those of standing should reflect this.

Six: The Law of Xenia demands hospitality to all; turn your back on those in need to stray from the Dao of Chad, the Dao of Dickhead, and invite Divine tribulation. To burn brightly is to burn with Brilliance, as a soul’s wick can be cut short by a God’s thought.

Seven: A contract sworn on the Furies is to be given the utmost respect, for tribulation awaits a word broken or promise unkept. The Enlightened path of Chad requires a commitment of the soul to their word.

Eight: Do not judge by appearance, for the world is full of wonderous and monstrous creatures. Those of great beauty may be of wicked heart, and vice versa. Protect the weak from the injustices of others, for they may not have the Strength themselves.

Nine: Do not be foul in the temperament of your Disciples learning, for all were once beginners, and Anger makes for a poor teacher. No soul can fully return from the depths of Tartarus, nor would any desire to from the Divine Heavens.

Ten: The remains of these souls are echoes of the time they walked the Realms. Their experiences and Bags of holding are discoverable, if in part only. Rage at the heavens at your peril, for they care not at the passing of your life.

Eleven: There is no more excellent value than the protection of the future, be it the land, the young, or a pregnant Lady. The echoes of powerful souls can be heard by the unborn, and the Fury of a wronged soul can manifest into a soul of Greatness.

Twelve: Make no enemy of the Divine, for eternity is their suffering as death is ours. The schemes of Divine entities are as unknowable as they are unfathomably dangerous. The Vitriol they hold for mere mortals is eternities deep, and their blessings can be as awful as their curses.

Thirteen: Do not judge followers of other Orders, for their choice is their own; as you have freedom, so too shall you entrust it to your fellows. A Fox may no more be a Lion than a Dove is to a Swan.

Fourteen: If violence in interactions of poor discourse is required, do not hesitate in its execution. From Wand to Warhammer and Cannon and Catapult, the burden of your foe’s deaths lays at your feet. Reflect on your choices, as to ignore them is to risk Asshole Chadness energies pooling in your denied past.

Fifteen: When violence is enacted, your first responsibility lies to those of no relation to the cause, for a blow dealt without reason is of great shame. Those that pledge sword to yours are your second responsibility. A fault of theirs lies at your feet; if you have commanded it.

Sixteen: Hide your goals from those who would impede them, for the Gods have hidden theirs, and the Fates are fickle for the poorest orphan to the mightiest Adventurer. You may find a companion in any Twin of your cause.

Seventeen: Leave footprints and heroic deeds alone where you tread, as making a mistress of Earth is akin to treating a Queen as a concubine. Spoil the soil to reap the reward of Greatness unbound by the coils of current comprehension to reach for new heights of Chadness.

The First of the Brotherhood of Chad - Checking the waves of his home Realm

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