Genesis Scrolls Round 1: {The Chapter One of Lootman}

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{The Chapter One of Lootman}

Chapter One - Lootman

People: Kevin, Circe, Medea.
Location: 14th century European cathedral.
When: March 27, 2022.
set up:

  1. Because of the actions of Circe and Medea, Kevin will only tweet to let others know about all the situations he faces.
  2. Circe and Medea followed all of Kevin’s social accounts when they felt the ring, that is, Circe and Medea followed Kevin.
  3. Circe will use her magic to get some Twitter users (actually all the users involved) into the church for a while and let everyone rummage for clues to help Kevin.

Circe: Kevin is that you?
Circe: Wake up, Kevin Can you see what I posted?
Circe: Kevin, is it you, can you reply?
Circe: Kevin? ? ? Can you see?

Kevin: 18:33
FUCK! where is this? Is it a reality show in VR?
[Picture 1 - Front photo of the church]
Circe: Kevin? You finally replied, where are you now? How did you send the message?
Kevin: I was going to use my phone to take pictures at home, and suddenly it appeared in this place? I don’t know what happened, and my head is a little dizzy. However, I don’t seem to know you, who are you?
Circe: In other words, you are still at home right now?
Kevin: Do you believe me when I said I suddenly appeared in this place from home? who the hell are you? I don’t remember a guy named Circe.
Circe: Now you listen to me, stay calm, don’t do anything else, I’ll find a way to help you.
Kevin: Hello! who are you? How are you going to help me? Why help me?
Kevin: Hello! Fuck! Where are you Circe, can anyone help me explain all this?

Kevin: 19:00
Hi friends, I don’t know what I’ve been through. Now I’m actually here, it’s a medieval church! Damn, I don’t like this shit. What’s even more frightening is that I can see and touch everything here, and it feels like I’ve traveled through it!
[Pictures - photos of the interior of the church]
[Kevin initiates a key plot vote]
Do you believe in crossing over time?
A. do believe
B. do not believe

Choice A - Kevin: Sure, I knew that there would be time-travels in the world, but I didn’t expect this kind of good thing to finally come to me.
Choice B - Kevin: No way, it’s so funny that there are people who believe it.
Circe: Do you know where you are now? Do you know where your family lives? Kevin
Kevin: Oh my God, you’re here again! I don’t know where I am, my home, my home~~ I can’t remember the address of my home. What’s the matter, can you tell me who you are? where am i now?
Circe: I just didn’t feel your presence, but I seem to be aware of your current situation. Kevin, listen to me, your consciousness should be hypnotized, and your memory may have been altered, so you can’t remember anything now.

Pick A-Kevin: Really! It sounds more and more interesting!
Pick B-Kevin: Damn, are you crazy or I am crazy? Hypnotized? Stop lying to me with these shit!

Circe: I didn’t lie to you, do you remember you found a ring?

Kevin: Damn it! ring! I actually picked up a ring! Is that the Lord of the Rings? Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! I’m here because I’m wearing a ring?

Circe: Do you believe what I say now? I tell you, you were already hypnotized when I found you, and I couldn’t enter the world of hypnosis, so I used magic to wake you up to use twitter.
Kevin: My God, are you a magician? This is amazing, is there really such a thing in the world? incredible! ! ! I didn’t intend to steal the ring from you, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here, please help, get me out of this place? I promise to give you the ring back.
Circe: It’s true that you didn’t steal the ring, but it’s not a matter of not returning the ring now. It’s a question of whether you can save your life. It’s very strange why someone else is also looking for you besides me? Unless… Forget it, find a way to escape.

Kevin: What! I just picked up a ring. Can I give it back to you? Can you get me out first?

Circe: I’m definitely going to save you, if you don’t come back to the real world, I can’t find you, I can’t get that ring. But I can’t enter the hypnotized world right now, you can only escape that place on your own. If you can’t get out before someone finds you, I believe your life will be in danger!

Kevin: My Life is in danger! Why? Mister Magician, I don’t want this ring any more, please save me, I don’t want to die!

Circe: In general hypnotism, in order to prevent the caster from falling into the illusory world, there will be a passage back to the real world in the illusory world. However, the key to open the passage is relatively secretive, and only by finding the key can one return to reality from the inside. So it’s up to you to figure it out.
Kevin: My God, this church is so big, where can I find the keys?
Circe: I don’t know, because each caster has a different way of returning to reality, but if you came to the unreal world because of wearing a ring, the key might be the ring, and you should find it and put it on. That’s it.
I will use what I have left to make this space accessible to psychic people for a while, hopefully it will help you. You’re running out of time, Kevin You gotta do it fast, understand? 【Search link】

God, what is this, what does it mean? Who can tell me! Mister Magician, where are you? I found this Circe
[Picture: with a clue picture (two models that rotated the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Hundred Flowers and the Baptistery)]
Circe: I don’t know what it is? Let everyone see it!
[Link (if it can be displayed directly in the engine, there is no need to add a link)]

I can rotate the two patterns, but what does that mean? Can anyone tell me what to do next?
Circe: I think it might be a map, try changing the angle to see more details

(Users can participate in the rotation of the model to reply to decrypt the picture)
Kevin: Open, there’s a painting that looks famous, but I don’t know what it’s called?
[Picture: Vitruvian Man]
Circe: Is that all? Is there any other clues?

Kevin: And a board with a lot of letters on it. It seems to fit together with this painting. Don’t know what’s it used for?
[Pictured: Vitruvian Man with Letters]
(User replies FLORENCE) Circe: It may be a clue, you should look at other things first.
(No user replies) Circe replies: These two pieces can be put together, the direction of the hands and feet of the Vitruvian man is FLORENCE, it may be a useful clue.

Kevin: I found another password box that requires a four-digit password. What do you think?
[Pictured: There is a “Portrait of the Arnolfinis” on the wall with the letters IIIV VI III I and a box on the ground]
(The password box can’t be interacted with in the user’s scenario)
Circe: Kevin Maybe there is a key inside, look how to open it and find the password!
Kevin: I’ve searched all over it, but there’s nothing with numbers. what to do? Shall I smash it open? Circe
(User replies 1348/mirror/Roman numerals/2631)
Circe: Kevin someone replied to you, it is a mirrored Roman numeral 1348, please try it, can you open it?

Kevin: oh so it is! It is opened, it is not a ring, but there is a note that says BLACK, then what? I’m confused now?
[Picture: BLACK note]

Circe: Keep looking! If you don’t escape quickly, I really can’t save you! ! !
Kevin: Got it, I’ve worked really hard, and I want to come back to reality too, it’s really scary, and there’s an old man beside me saying DEATH DEATH DEATH all the time, I’m fucking scared to death.
Kevin: Wait, black death, so I’m in Florence in the 14th century.
Circe: Then, what did you find, did you find the passage?
Circe: Reply to me! What’s wrong with you? Kevin
Circe: Kevin Are you still conscious? reply to me!
Circe: Kevin! ! ! !
【10 minutes later】
Kevin: Hey Circe I’m fine, I just found an underground room! ! Come and see! The ring could be in there! I think I’m going to make it!
[Picture: Underground Secret Room]

Circe: I thought you had an accident and scared me to death!
Kevin: I found a wall of letters and we can push the bricks, but I don’t know what’s the use? Do you have any ideas?
[Picture: Alphabet Wall]

Circe: The letters are all messed up, it’s too hard! Will there be some connection with the previous clues? Forget it, let’s find a way out together
【Letter Wall Link】

Kevin: The letter bricks are can be pushed, as if to spell out some patterns.
(User Interaction: Reply to Sudoku word puzzle or screenshot)

friends! It is opened! The ring is in there! Hahaha Circe, what should I do now, just put it on?
[Picture: A glowing ring]
Medea replied to Kevin: Congratulations, Kevin, you finally saw the key, but how are you sure that picking up the key will bring you back to reality instead of being stuck here forever?
Circe replies to Medea: Medea! Oh it’s you! You traitor! Kevin, don’t believe her, she’s the one who wants to kill you, you’re running out of time, grab the key quickly, I’ll take you away!
Medea replies to Circe: Oh? Yeah? If that’s the case, why did you make Kevin a sacrifice? It’s all your conspiracy Circe.
Kevin replies to Medea: What? offerings? You make it clear Medea, I’m a sacrifice? What are you talking about?
Circe replied to Medea: Don’t spit, you traitor, I never thought it was you? What exactly do you want to do?
Circe replied to Kevin: Kevin you quickly put on the Lord of the Rings and return to the real world, I will save you!

Medea forwarded Circe’s reply to Kevin: Kevin You think about it, why is Circe in such a hurry to make you wear the death ring? It’s because it’s almost time for worship! She will use your blood to awaken the power of the Ring! You can’t go back to the real world with the ring on! !
Circe: Kevin! Don’t listen to her shit, you have to believe me, you have to be responsible for your own life! I really want to save you!

Kevin: What’s the situation! So what am I supposed to do! I just want to go back to the real world! Who should I trust! FUCK!
[Kevin initiates a vote: Do I really want to wear a ring?
A. do wear;
B, do not wear.
(end of chapter)

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