Genesis Scrolls Round 1: {The storyline of Lootman}

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Epoch Timeline:

Year 0 (13.9 billion BC):
The cosmic energy is divided into two parts, one part is concentrated on a black gem suspended in the center of the universe, and the other part forms the creator god Andy Carl. For a long time to come, Andy was trying to obtain the energy of the black gem.

200 million years (13.7 billion BC):
After 200 million years of hard work, Andy successfully smashed the black gem and made it into three sets (8 pieces each) of his own clothing and equipment. At the moment when Andy smashed the black gem, a large amount of energy overflowed, causing a violent explosion in the universe. This event was later known as the Big Bang.
The three sets of equipment produced by Andy have three different energies, namely:

  1. Fighting power.
  2. The power of magic.
  3. The power of the mind.
    Since then, Andy used his own power to create three bloodlines. In Andy’s view, these three bloodlines can help him manage the entire universe, thereby consolidating his status as the supreme god.
    The first-generation leaders of these three bloodlines are:
  4. William Carl: God of power, in charge of the power family.
  5. Renault Carl: The god of magic, in charge of the magic family.
  6. Danny Carl: The god of the mind, in charge of the spiritual family.

400 million years (13.5 billion BC):
The three bloodlines developed and grew, and the first-generation leaders gradually showed their ambitions. William and Renault teamed up to attack his father Andy and seized three sets of equipment made by Andy with black gems. Not only that, William and Reynolds also sealed Andy in a desert area that was far from the center of the universe and had just formed its prototype, which would later be the Milky Way.
After the surprise attack on their father, the two brothers began to divide the spoils.
William can wear 8 pieces of equipment for combat power, and Reynolds can wear 8 pieces of equipment for magic power, but neither of them can control the power of the mind. Only then did they realize that this set of equipment was given to his sister Dany by his father. However, the two brothers did not plan to inform Dany about this situation. They decided to refine the power of the mind and remake it into their own equipment.
It is a pity that the two brothers with huge ambitions did not have one heart and one mind. In the competition for spiritual power, the gap between the two became wider and wider, and a war that lasted for many years finally broke out.
On the other hand, after her father was sealed, Dany knew that her family was far less powerful than the two older brothers, so it was impossible for her to save her father by herself.
In order to stay away from the dispute, Dany’s entire family moved into the galaxy and began to guard the planet that sealed her father.

3.9 billion years (10 billion BC):
The 3.5 billion-year war between William and Reynolds is over. The result of this war is: William and Reynolds were killed, three sets of sacred equipment were fragmented in the war, and the two bloodlines who survived fled the center of the universe and hid in various galaxies and planets.
On the artifact side, the previous 3 sets (24 pieces) of artifacts were separated into 64,000 pieces of different sizes during the battle, scattered in various locations in the center of the universe. The size, shape, and energy of each shard (the energy contained in each shard is divided into 4 grades, 1 is the weakest, and 4 is the strongest). At this time, a key figure appeared: Brand.
Brand, a blacksmith of the Power family, lost his parents, wife, and children in the war. Brand, who lost his family, gradually became distorted and blackened. He dreamed of letting all the lives in the universe be buried with his family.
He knew that the cause of the war was the three sets of artifacts, so he took a long time to collect the 64,000 artifacts, and spent a long time building these fragments into 8,000 sets of equipment (8 pieces each) . And because the energy types of the three sets of artifacts were different at the beginning, the 8,000 sets of equipment actually only had three energy types.
Brand shuffled 8,000 sets of equipment, only to ensure that each set contained weapons, breastplates, headplates, waistplates, footplates, gauntlets, necklaces, and rings. In this way, people of any bloodline will not be able to directly put on all the equipment if they acquire any set of equipment alone, so they will definitely continue to fight for it!
In the end, Brand used the last force of his life to throw 8,000 sets of equipment into all corners of the universe, leaving behind an eternal curse.
Brand’s Curse: Possession is the beginning of loss.

9.3 billion years - 13.9 billion years (4.6 billion years ago - now):
The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and one of the 8,000 sets of equipment also fell into the earth.
After so many years of reproduction and evolution, the three forces have re-emerged, and they have their own unique energy and pursue the ultimate power and strength.
Power family:
The power family currently implements the alliance system, with hundreds of branches (countries) large and small in different regions of the universe, each branch (country) has its own king, the leader of the federation is equivalent to the previous leader, but the federation The leader has long lost the control he had over the power clan before.
Today, the federal leader of the power family is the leader of the eleventh generation (that is, the leader of the twelfth generation), Douglas.
Magic family:
After the war, the magic family was divided seriously, and there was almost no core organization. With the development of time, the mages who practiced the same spell gradually formed a new organization and had their own leadership. At present, there are 5 larger organizations in the universe. The magical groups are:
Attic (fire magic)
Stardust (Wind Magic)
Freezing Point (Water Magic)
Aurora (Light Magic)
Raynor (religion in Raynor, lightning magic)

Soul Clan:
The Soul Clan has never encountered a war, but due to the gentle nature of the clan, they have never invaded other planets or civilizations for a long time, so their development is not very rapid, and the whole clan is gathered in the Milky Way.
The Soul Clan is the only group that maintains the leader system, and their core mission is to protect the planet that seals Andy. At present, the leader of the Soul Clan (the seventh generation leader) is Phoebe.
About equipment:
After Brand scattered 8,000 sets of equipment, a small part of the equipment was found by people from the three clans one after another, in order to improve their own strength and for different purposes (for example, the spirit clan wanted to use the power of equipment to lift Andy’s seal.), the three clans also sent competent officers to the universe to find these equipments.

Chapter One brief introduction:
[Soul Clan: Fontaine, Laura (Power Clan - Krimer Kingdom)]
The set of equipment (8 pieces) that fell on the earth has long been scattered in 8 places on the earth over time, and these 8 pieces of equipment have never been in existence for so many years.
Time came to the beginning of 2022, an adventurous high school student Kevin found a ring made of gold in a forest (one of 8 pieces of equipment: Golden Holy Ring-Magic Power-Level 1). After the excited Kevin got home, he couldn’t wait to put on the ring.
[Note: The body of the wearer of the golden holy ring remains in place, but the soul can travel to a certain place at a certain point in time in the past 1000 years. The stronger the wearer’s magical power, the easier it is to control the golden holy ring. If the wearer has no magical power, then not only he can not control which time and place he travels to, but he also needs to find the key to bring himself back to reality world.

On the other side, Fontaine and Laura, the earth dispatchers of the Soul Clan, sensed the location of the golden ring, and sensed that the golden ring had been activated by a guy named Kevin. So they planned to quietly bring the ring back to the Soul Clan.
Fontaine first used his spiritual power to control Kevin’s heart (remote hypnosis) to ensure that Kevin would not use any electronic devices to spread the matter. Fontaine is far away from Kevin’s home).
But Fontaine didn’t know that although Laura was a member of the Soul Clan, she had already been bribed by the Krimer Kingdom of the Power Clan. After Fontaine left, Laura secretly used her own power to unlock Kevin’s hypnotism. Part of it is to ensure that Kevin will use the most effective network method to communicate everything he faces to the greatest extent, so that the power family - the earth dispatcher of the Krimer kingdom can get the ring before Fontaine (the distance between the two are relatively close).
[At this point, both Fontaine and Laura’s strengths need to be restored, and they can no longer perform advanced skills such as remote hypnosis]
On the other side, Kevin wearing the ring passed through the soul, and he came to a church in Europe in the 14th century. At this time, the European continent was shrouded in the evil disease that has not been encountered in a century - the Black Death.
Kevin used Twitter to solve the trouble he was facing. Fontaine knew that there was a traitor (ie Laura) around him through the dialogue with him, so Fontaine planned to help Kevin let his soul return to the real world first, and then instruct him to flee the house so that Kevin will not caught by another force and the ring is taken away. But Laura will not sit still, she will also contact Kevin on Twitter to make him believe her words, don’t rush back through time, Laura’s purpose is naturally to delay time, so that the people of the Krimer Kingdom can find him.

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