Genesis Scrolls Round 1: {When you are old}

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When you are old
As found in The LootLark’s Bedtime Rhymes & Fireside Folklore

When you are a babe,
Fast be the days
Long be the years
Learning the ways
Of Adventuring gear
You hope for greatness
wherever you go

When you leave home,
Tough be the days
Quick be the years
Adventuring forth
No rest, no fears
With dungeons and quests
Your valor will show

When you are a lord,
May you be the hawk
None be your pears
Your people, your land
May they be your gears
You strive for prosperity
you riches overflow

When you are old,
Long be the walk
Big be the ears
You’ll site and you’ll talk
Of your Adventuring years
As you gather with friends
In the summer or snow
Fine days there will be
In your peaceful gazebo.

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Thinking about the rhymes a parent will tell their child at bedtime.

In this world some will inspire her child to follow the idealized ways of this world and set them on the path of Adventuring.