Genesis Scrolls Round 2: {Hail and Heed Traveller - A Loot Video Poem}

Hi Lootverse,

Thanks to Flixer for today’s video, getting some experience in subtitling, and trialing out a new online editor, it’s definitely a nice upgrade compared to using AVS or OpenVideo. Video Version on YouTube. if you just want to skip to the Entry.

Also, decided on The Lost Order of Chad for that series because:

  1. Compendium already in use
  2. Lost implies Ancient so seemed kinda redundant, and shorter is better IMO.

Trigger Warnings and Content Rating Discussion

Nothing really, I don’t even know if anyone cares about these I just put them in case someone has an issue with something, as a Loot Content Rating system is still in the works (something to decide how to rate Content so the Content rating can be a composable function in Lore, enabling people to curate their (or kids if a kids game) game experience.

I guess this next paragraph would have trigger warnings? I don’t know, not really something I’ve ever done but is a kinda requirement for cc0 to be used beyond the internet. If I should put something in, let me know.

If comparing to a First Person RPG, then think of it as being able to change the gore settings from “hit someone and they fall down and slowly disappear” to “depends what hitboxes and how much damage”.

I am assuming hitboxes, IDK, maybe they’ve done full-body modeling now for humanoid-based characters, worth a look, in some year from now.

Based on the weapon, range, character type (alien or human - to determine what kinda gore), hitboxes, etc.

If a GA does a good ol’ forge swing down with a Warhammer on a Level 1 Human, well… maybe there will be a few body parts left? But mostly just pink mist and bone fragments.

If a Mage and a spell, who knows? Magic is crazy shit man, as many series explore, just the application of modern physics to the typical Medieval Fantasy magic model means shit gets pretty OP pretty quick.

If a Hunter with a particularly poisonous arrow, in a game setting, maybe that arrow just happens to be the polar opposite to the creature that just got shot, e.g. Necrotic Ghoul (Undead) gets hit by a Golden Arrow (Divine) in the head and just bursts into blood, flame and ash.

Just stuff to think about.
Any art is AI only (unless specified) because I cannot draw to save my life.
I can, fortunately, yell at a computer via text for days though.

Any video is public domain content unless specified.

Feedback, good or bad, is always appreciated.
Although, if you are gonna be a dick at least be funny.

Rating = PG

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A Sister of Stacy

:yin_yang:The Lost Order of Chad:yin_yang:
Location: Outskirts of the Ancestral Trees
Found engraved upon a twenty-foot wide stump.

Video Version on YouTube.

You can also search for it by OpenQuill
or Pinky “Hail and Heed” on YouTube.

Text of The Entry

Engraved in Ironwood:

"You tread upon the grounds of a Sacred Sister.
Keep your voice below a whisper.

Holy hymns may you gift her, but let no grift escape your lips
for as long as fools continue to persist
and take her Divine knowledge as just a myth;
it has been the folly of more than would admit.

Wary adventurers, stay thy sword,
keep it sheathed, we do implore,
for if you mean peace, you need fear no war.

The Wonder of the Ancestral Trees is for you to explore,
but sunder, not a single branch or more.

This land belongs not to any law.
Serf or Lord, it matters not;
arrows shall your skies and bodies blot,
if these words you think are best forgot.

In pursuit of greed, you will not be the first or last,
but a cautionary tale and a forgotten past.

Pay the toll and admire the art;
this sanctuary will not soon depart.
Ancestors planted the seeds to impart wisdom found
in webs of Gaia’s heart.

As long as one Sister still draws breath,
so too does an arrow notched,
for swift delivery
of due death."

– Unknown

I hereby waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights together with all associated claims and causes of action with respect to this work to the extent possible under the law.

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