Genesis Scrolls Round 2: {Prose from a Realmsman II}

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{Prose from a Realmsman II}
I’m run thin on parchment! I’m scratching my words in charcoal on soft bark. Here are the jotted and hurried that I write when adventure is upon me!

Only when we’re lost
does wonder turn to worry
and all the beauty we had beheld
turns bitter in our minds.
Take a moment to stay those thoughts
that have you quaking in your shoes.
When familiar footing finds you
and enchantment returns and surrounds you.

We know the earth provides for us, as a mother would
Her back would break to give us stones
Her eyes will cry for us to drink
Her spirit lives embodied and I have found her hearth
The Mother Grove exists to tend, and mend our broken limbs
just crawl beneath her hollowed elm and listen to her healing hymns
I dare not mark no map to say
This is where you’ll find
Celestial Peace in the garden of eve
For fear of human’s axes
And urge to conquer

Barrenness and Envy
I have been travelling for many months now, my once lightly scuffed Leather Boots have traversed mud, clays, and canyons, and woods, and are no longer recognizable. I carry with me always, the crest of our family, and I have not forgotten the face of my father. I hope he has not forgotten the face of his son. I yearn to hear from you, but cannot stay more than a night any which way. I have tasted the journey and by the sweat of my brow I shall continue. The realms are so much larger than I could have imagined, and less empty than you’d think. Already I have collected peculiar, timeless artefacts wrought with history and a will to explore of their own. With each item I have grown to covet the discovery of adventurers. It is not enough to be a bystander in the great story and it is time my narrative was told.
I include here with this letter a Silver Ring of Twins, I found in a pair, with a sigil so similar to our arms. I wear the other and remember you. I know you are a steadfast man but hear your son for he sends you truth and truth again.
And father,
I have finally seen the sea.

A life taken
Twas just a fish
a boy taught me how to gut
and to flay
As the Short Sword blade separated bones from fishy flesh
I realise we unmake it the same way Deos made them

Realistic Comparable Sizing
Ho! Take the Kraken
Forget the Kraken and take the sea!
For all the earth I’ve walked
To think
That evermore is covered in water
With creatures as large as Krakens
Who call it home

My tilting world
balanced on the pin of the horizon.
As nature battles nature,
the pure rage of the sea rocking
ill people floating on dead wood.

Missed Meals
A seamate
still green behind the gills
makes use of his Leather Cap
I lost my lunch off the prow
And it found its way onto the captains Dragonskin Armour

Gathering Strength
On a cloud covered night
with tumultuous waves,
and thunderous winds
I shiv-iv-er-er
I p-pray
Having given what strength I had
Having only a w-will to see more
The clouds break and a celestial beam extends her hand
Haven found when strength returns to my jellied legs
and I learn to ebb with the moon

Feeling at Home
The sea forgives you,
The ship finds favour in the tides
and waves really do greet you
like an old friend.

Waving Glass
On a molten glass sea
Moonlight is beautiful
And Sunrise is blinding

I suppose
I’ll sleep
I won’t sail for weeks
And find myself in the surf the very next day.

Before I left home
I thought I lived on an island,
and the forest stretched into the ambit.
I’m moored on the isthmus,
clothes baking in the sun,
as if I were home again.

Victory and Valour
I’m once more pressed against the ropes of a sailing ship
With sugarcane and fruit cargo
And a Pendant I had won in a foot race
Slowly I piece together my bag
And ready myself for adventure

Familiar Docks
To return to the port
A changed man
With more salt in your blood
And fish in your belly
I waltz through the wharf
And trip over a cleat into the green waters

A Stranger in a Strange Cloak
Drying off fireside
Warming up with a bowl of hot stew
I saw an aged gentlemen
in the shadowy crook of the Stow Away Bar
We didn’t get a chance to speak
But when he walked out through those doors
The way the moonlight caught his robes was divine

End of Chapter 2

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