Genesis Scrolls Round 3: {Letters from Mordecai - Giving}

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To my beloved students,

I’m afraid my condition is worsening. The twitching and muscle cramps in my limbs have slowly morphed into numbness. I may not be able to write many more of these letters after all. But I will do my best.

This time I wanted to write about giving. Your lords and religious figureheads will have you believe that you give true value when you give of your possessions. But what are possessions if not things you guard out of fear of needing them tomorrow? I assure you, true giving is when you give of yourself.

While I appreciate the donations and gifts you’ve sent, the greatest gifts each of you can give me are your friendship, your eternal curiosity, your listening ears and the love I feel when I’m in your presence.

That is not to say material possessions are without value. They are the means for you and your loved ones to live a comfortable life. And should you find yourself to be one of the lucky ones, express your gratitude by giving to those who are less fortunate.

Do not wait to give. Give in haste, for all you have shall one day be given – whether you choose it or not. Therefore give in life so that the season of giving may be yours and not of your inheritors.

May the spirit of enlightenment encompass your loot. And may the light illuminate your souls.

Your friend,


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